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Home > business is downgraded by Google and loses tons of traffic due to tons of low quality posts, spammy links and questionable authors like Lance Winslow! is downgraded by Google and loses tons of traffic due to tons of low quality posts and spammy links
Google finally did the right thing and smacked the hell out of - one of the largest purveyors of crap and low quality online content.

Google has penalized for spammy behavior.

What was the largest ezine article submission website over the past 8 or more years has been given the Google smackdown (most likely a result of the Google Panda update which routed out a lot of spammy crap and low quality content) for hosting millions of crappy, low-quality and spammy articles and numerous links to spammy websites.  Ezinearticles was once the king of ezine article websites.  It was also one of the most rtafficked websites in the world.  It propelled Chris Knight ( founder) to stardom in the internet world.

Because of Chris Knight has been a featured speaker at numerous SEO and similar related conventions.  I am sure that after March of this year he has had to do some serious thinking and cutting of staff.  As you can easily see in the picture below which I easily got by looking up the monthly traffic data for the traffic topped off at over 14 million in January and it then crashed to less then 5 million where it still remains.

This is from  You can easily see the the massive loss of traffic from a peak of over 14 million to under 6 million.

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That’s a loss of over 67% in traffic!

This means they literally lost over 67% of traffic during that time period.  That is huge in and of itself, but it is actually a lot worse then that.  Google compromises around 75 to 80% of all internet search engine traffic.  This search engine traffic is’s bread and butter.  The Google based traffic pays the most and tends to be the most valuable in terms of advertising and conversions.  Bing and Yahoo aren’t even close in this aspect (this is why the US DOJ is currently investigating Google under anti-trust litigation).

Now, we can’t see their more detailed statistics like exactly how much traffic they lost from Google, but you can quickly surmise the bad numbers.  They didn’t get hit by Yahoo or Bing or anyone else.  So, if Google is roughly 75 to 80% of a website like’s traffic base and they lost a total of over 67% then you can easily see that they probably lost over 75% of their Google traffic and maybe even more!  That is huge.

That means their earnings and revenue which they derive from Google Adsense and Chitika plummeted at least 67%, but most likely nearer to 70% or higher as Google is better quality traffic then Bing or Yahoo.  You can argue back that Ezinearticles does have a good bit of bookmarked and self generated traffic.  This may be, but this traffic is mostly the majority of their extremely low quality authors and writers whom are looking at others content to rewrite it for themselves.

This is why there are 1,000 or so articles on just how to change a car battery on – pathetic spam rewrites.  And many of these articles on Ezinearticle feature a few links to websites where their authors hope you will go and either buy stuff or click on their Google Adsense or other similar ads.  The problem that Chris Knight and many other similar website owners are facing now is that Google wants all these links to untested and unknown websites to be no followed.  You know, the rel=”nofollow” tag.  This no follow tag negates any link juice and credit no weight to the site in the link.

Could this massive loss of traffic and earnings be stopped with a simple Nofollow tag?

The problem is that Chris needs to nofollow all outgoing links on his website to regain some of his rankings (for the rest he would have to drop the 80% or more crappy and spammy rewrites that clog his website).  If he were to do this all of his authors would leave and yank their content.  He would, in essence be finished at  The authors write all these articles to get that little bit of link juice in those 1 or 2 links that are allowed per article.  It will be interesting to see what Chris Knight does to both regain lost traffic and retain authors.

He will also, most likely lose authors and writers due to the low traffic and reduced rankings of individual content.  Many of these authors will see the diminishing returns as just not being worth it.  I must applaud Google here on this one – Google finally after years has seen the light and is starting to rid its search results of pure crap.  Yes, there are some good writers and authors on, but they are far outweighed by the prolific spammers – spammers with sorted pasts like Lance Winslow III.  Below is the author picture and stats for this Lance Winslow.

ezinearticles lance winslow
Ezinearticles author Lance Winslow has written and posted over 24,000 articles in the past 8 years or so!

Wow, over 24,000 articles.  How could anyone write so much.  Then look up the subjects this man has written about.His titles encompass everything from chimpanzees to Wall street, the conflict in Libya, the muslim and islamic religions, terrorism, robots, etc…  According to his own bio he is the next closest thing we have to God in this world.  But with a little research you find out he is just another spammer with a criminal record.

Lance Winslow, author, has written over 24,000 poorly written, spam articles!

Just look at this FTC complaint on Lance Winslow.  Here is a Ripoff Report on Lance Winslow.  This permanent injunction against Lance Winslow is really interesting.  Here is another link to the final order on the FTC website for Lance Winslow in which it states that Mr. Lance Winslow, basically, plead that he was flat broke.  The provision states that if the FTC wishes to at any time they can reopen a judgement against him for over $320,000!  As I found out in a phone call (this is all public material, by the way) with a Brenda Mack at the FTC Lance Winslow still has not paid a dime and is still claiming to be flat broke.

Yet, he claims to be a self made millionaire on all his websites and a multi-national philanthropist – can we call bullshit on this?  The FTC, according to Brenda Mack is very diligent in enforcing any and all judgements to the fullest extent possible.  In this case, if he had any money or even a home residence (he apparently roams the country in a RV so no one can find him) they would enforce the judgement in an attempt to return some of the ill gotten gains to the victims of his car wash franchise scheme.

Is Lance Winslow misusing Ezinearticles and other similar websites to hide his past?

This boy is literally misusing the internet and SEO to bury the real info on himself.  He is actually a deadbeat scumbag.  But with his thousands of crappy (and I do mean crappy) articles on dozens of websites like he has found a way to bury and hide from his past and his franchisees that he lied to and ripped off.  Here is another report on the roving Lance Winslow and his RV home.

Obviously there is a problem at with the quality of their content and authors.  Especially when one of their all time most prolific and spammy authors, Lance Winslow, is a huge liar and is flat ass broke  (just check out his bio on his supposed company websites – they make him sound better then Steve Jobs – which we know is a complete farce).

Could the reason for the serious loss of traffic on Ezinearticles be spam from its numerous authors with questionable motives like Lance Winslow?

I applaud Google in dinging Ezinearticles for being a mass purveyor of mostly crap (especially when it comes to Lance Winslow – as, according to the FTC, he has no assets at the moment and owns no real companies just websites that look like he does, but there is nothing really there – it’s all a sham – here is one of my favorite links on Mr. Lance Winslow). I also hope Google soon gives everyone of Lance Winslow’s thousands of articles of poorly written crap the boot.  No one else needs to be misled by this lying deadbeat (by the way, if someone personally knows Matt Cutts please tell forward this info on Mr Winslow to him so he and his team can expedite the process of removal).

26 thoughts on “ is downgraded by Google and loses tons of traffic due to tons of low quality posts, spammy links and questionable authors like Lance Winslow!

  1. yeah i thought it was a good article at first,but then you went apeshit about this guy winslow…then it got boring ,flaming your way to the top ffs

  2. I am a journalist and I have read some of this Lance Winslow’s many articles and I have to agree with you – the guy is an absolute moron. I wonder why Ezinearticles keeps him on as one of their top authors. It has to hurt their ratings and rankings in Google search big time to have such pathetic content on their site.

    1. Bart, you are a blowhard, and if you don’t like my articles it’s probably because you are a left-leaning socialist who hasn’t a clue and has never done a g-d-thing in your life. Contact me directly if you want to talk smack! – Lance

  3. Excellent post. I thought something was up there at Ezinearticles. There was a bunch of articles of mine that had been stolen and rewritten by article spammers over there. Good. I see now that those articles from Ezinearticles have dropped completely out of the rankings. Yes, Spam Winslow was one of the article spammers and he would steal my articles or ideas.

    1. Roxana, You are full of crap, I’ve never in my life stolen one article and I have two-original thoughts per day, I write about everything, so you are a liar if you state otherwise.

  4. Yes. I met Lance Winslow once and he is a very short guy and has a serious mental problem with how others see him. He is an angry man and a liar. He told me he was a multi-millionaire and then I found out he basically lives out of his truck. There is no car wash franchises under his company – they went broke years ago. The guy is so full of shit you need a shovel because it gets deep, real fast with him. We went to a stripper bar and he told me how he owns this and he owns that. It went on and on. Turns out he doesn’t own anything at all. He’s basically just a little tiny guy that is pissed off that the world passed him by a long time ago. But, come to think of it, there is a place in society for losers like Lance – he would make a great Walmart greeter, but then he might have to get off medicaid, food stamps and other forms of government assistance he is receiving… My advice? Lance Winslow is a liar, loser and convicted con man. Avoid him wherever possible.

  5. I looked at a few articles on Ezinearticles and I have to agree with you – lots of poorly written spam on there. It looks like many of their authors use article rewriting software and just churn out hundreds of rewrites of each others poorly written content. I prefer to read stuff from the Drudge report, Prison planet and Ezinearticles is a waste of time in my book.

  6. I use the Drudge Report and Google News to get my info – no need for a low quality, crap content site like Ezinearticles.

  7. Ezinearticles sucks. The owner is a racist moron. He hates black people. He says they smell bad. I used to work there and got fired because I was black.

    1. What a bunch of crap, the line up of people who work at EzineArticles looks like the United Nation, so that’s a BS bogus post comment too. – Lance

  8. This Lance guy sounds like a real idiot and more. I read some of his writings and they look like they were written by an angry 3rd grader. My recommendation to him – go to church. And yes, I called the FTC about his violations and criminal activity – Spoke to a Barbara Mack there – she verified that it is all 100% true. Mr. Winslow set up a shady franchising company and was making false claims and lying to potential franchisees. In the judgement he was ordered to repay all those that he ripped off and lied to. His claims were that he was penniless so they left him alone with the idea that if he ever did this again or anything even close to it they would lock him up in jail and throw away the key. Mr. Lance Winslow certainly does not qualify as a philanthropist, retired millionaire or much of anything else he claims to be. According to the FTC and the results of a recent assets search with Mr. Winslow (they still want to obtain remuneration for the victims of his scams) he has no assets, lives off welfare and lives in an RV. Retired millionaire – not! The FTC said they have full access to his bank accounts and any other assets through the judgement and courts and that Mr. Winslow has nothing and is basically a worthless schmuck. So take his rantings and poorly written articles for what they are – junk written by an angry scammer with a third grade level of education that is mad because the government caught him being a conman.

  9. Ezinearticles sucks and Google downgraded them severely in the past two updates. I think they lost 95% or more of their traffic. So, they had crappy content. They got dinged. Now lets move on to something more meaningful like fixing healthcare oreducation here in America…

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