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26 thoughts on “ is downgraded by Google and loses tons of traffic due to tons of low quality posts, spammy links and questionable authors like Lance Winslow!

  1. Hello, I suggest that one looks past ezine article submissions as they are now dead. Google doesn’t like low quality or respun content. Much of what is on ezine sites like Ezinearticles is respun, low quality, duplicate content. My advice is start a blog and write good, unique content. Then get socially active. Participate in your comments and discussions with readers. Have a Facebook and Twitter account. Encourage readers to post about your site on their social accounts with contests and/or discounts. That’s what works now. You have to have great, unique content and lots of likes and quality, natural links back.

  2. I actually like some of the stuff posted on Ezinearticles. There is a lot of how to articles that are very informative and I have learned how to do a lot of stuff that I wouldn’t have otherwise figured out.

  3. Ezinearticles sucks. Have you read some of the crap on there? It is mostly crap and nonsensical gibberish. And now they want you to pay them $100 or so to post articles that you write on their site – they should be paying us! Ezinearticles is purely a crap website that is not worth anyone’s time.

  4. Hello, i read your blog from time to time and i found this post quite interesting. We have a guy that sounds similar to this Lance Winslow here in Charlotte NC – Scott Shields. He is a pathological liar and claims to have numerous blackbelts including Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, but he has no proof and no one to back up his claims. The man is a definite fraud and he openly lies on his website about his credentials. I attended his classes for about 1 year and want my money back as he is not a blackbelt or anything and I have been ripped off. Could someone look into this fraudster Scott Shields and help expose him so he gets closed down and no one else gets ripped off? Would the Fair Trade Commission look into him and close Scott Shields down like they did Lance Winslow and his franchise scam?

  5. Ezinearticles sucks and now they want you to pay $100 to get your stuff posted and linked to quicker. I have found that my results through them are absolutely terrible now. I might get 1 or 2 pageviews per day for 10 articles. That is horrible. I would need over 100,000 articles to get some decent traffic off their site. And then the traffic you do get is horrible – very low conversions. The conversions rate is like 0.004%. You would need around 10 million or more articles to make a decent living ($50,000/yr) off traffic from Ezinearticles – good luck with that. I get a 5.26% conversion factor from articles I post on my own blog. That’s over 1,000% better conversions. Drop Ezinearticles fast – it sucks and its a dying breed or dinosaur.

  6. I personally know this Lance Winslow kid – he is an asshole with little penis syndrome. He drives around the country living in his RV and is full of shit. Someday someone will have enough and beat the shit out of him or he will end up in jail right where he belongs. The best advice I can give here is to ignore him and report his whereabouts to his creditors and the governmental officials that are looking for him.

  7. I used to submit articles to Ezinearticles but never really got any traffic worth anything from it. I switched to creating lenses on Squidoo and found that was easier, generated far more traffic, took less effort, and was free. Don’t waste your time writing and submitting articles on websites like Ezinearticles anymore. Its a complete waste of time.

  8. Just a little FYI for you – online article submission websites like ezines are dead. Online video SEO is becoming one of the most powerful ways for companies to increase their rankings on all of the major search engines. Include something controversial, but not too controversial. Today’s business brands have gone viral across the social networking media and other websites…

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