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Fast Brite headlight cleaner review – this headlight cleaner is only a scam – nothing more.

Fast Brite headlight cleaner review - this headlight cleaner is only a scam - nothing more
Fast Brite headlight cleaner review - this headlight cleaner is only a scam - nothing more

My father told me to buy this product called Fast Brite. He saw it on TV and he knew that my car’s headlight lenses had a bad case of the cloudyness they showed in their commercial. My Dad said he would give me $20 for it. So I called their number and gave them my credit card information.

What happened next was weird. They asked me if I wanted tail light cleaner – I said no. Then they asked if I wanted side skirt cleaner -I said no. Then they asked if I wanted some kind of road hazard protection – I said no because I already have AAA roadside assistance and don’t need more roadside assistance (besides I’ve only ever had to use the AAA road side assistance once when I locked myself out of my car at the nearby laundromat).

They kept asking question after question of extras and add ons. I said no to all and that I just wanted the headlight cleaner. The customer service rep I had then told me all these add ons were free for me to try and required for the purchase. They said the $10 price plus $8 shipping and handling was only for customers that tried out all the extras and they said I could easily cancel the moment I received them all.

So, I finally relented and said yes – I had to leave and pick up my girlfriend to go to the movies. I never planned on spending 40 minutes on the phone listening to all these offers I didn’t want or have the slightest interest in. After the phone call was done it took over 2 and a half weeks to receive my order.

I immediately called to cancel like I was instructed to upon receiving the order. This is where everything went downhill really fast. I couldn’t get a hold of anyone. I was finally told after pressing 2 for this and 4 for that and so on seemingly endlessly that I would be called back within 2 days. That phone call never came.

But boy did the bill come, though – I thought I was going to be paying $20 or so for the $10 headlight cleaner and $8 for shipping and handling. That was definitely not the case. The charge on my credit card was for well over $200! Can you believe that! Over $200. I was irate to say the least.

At least I got the headlight cleaner and I tried that and you know what? That didn’t work worth horse crap. It did nothing. I tried a simple $2 bottle of Walmart Windex and guess what? That did a far better job of cleaning my headlights then the Fast Brite headlight cleaning kit. Seriously, it wasn’t perfect, but a $2 bottle of glass cleaner was far more effective then the $200+ Fast Brite headlight cleaning kit – it sucked.

What a scam this Fast Brite headlight cleaner is. To this day I have been trying to fight this bogus $200+ charge to my account. I can’t get anywhere with Fast Brite scammers and I can’t get the bank to do anything because I used a debit card. I also ended up bouncing checks because I wasn’t expecting the $200+ charge to my account. That cost me another $150 in bounced check fees.

I am mad and I am hot – these scam artists at Fast Brite cost me over $350 for a stupid headlight cleaning scam that did nothing to clean my headlight lenses – what a scam! My advice here is to stay far away from Fast Brite and their TV commercials and headlight cleaner scam! They rank right up their with Photo Blocker as the biggest scams in the automotive industry!

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