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FBI uses head of LulzSec to target and arrest top brass in LulzSec and Anonymous hacker groups page 2

Most of the time these hackers never get caught at that level. They can’t afford to get caught because if they do a nice, convenient and well thought out death occurs for them. There are lots of things are government does that you will never be told about. These things are not pleasant and in some cases are done for political stability and other reasons. If certain types of information like these examples ever was to be made public they could be game changers literally in a global context.

There are hackers that operate at these levels and are doing these things on a daily basis. The government would want you to believe as the FBI is stating in arresting these middle or low-level hackers in LulzSec and Anonymous that they are taking on in destroying or tearing apart the biggest and most dangerous hackers of today. not to take away from Anonymous, as I said earlier, they do have some decent hackers and coders there, but only a handful of them.

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The real threat out there is we have government sanctioned hackers like those that existed in China and other countries whose sole purpose is to hack into other countries government agencies and their databases like here in the US. And then there are those freak, bizarre individuals that have IQs off the genius chart. If and when they can be identified and they are found to be of great value they may make them employees at the CIA, NSA or a related agency. They aren’t given a choice as to this employment and this is only rarely done. In most other cases its terminal – they end up dead in one fashion or another – sometimes smuggled out of the country to become a John Doe in a far off distant land or shark food – you get the idea…

I used to be a hacker a while back that was of this “high level group.” At the age of nine I was a pretty good coder in assembly language (taught by an IBM program for gifted kids). as I got older I would hack into companies like Microsoft and others to get the latest games before they were released to the public. If we wanted in to get some information or whatever there was no stopping us. Some of the others I met back then hacked into the U.S. military, the CIA, the NSA, NASA and more.

A few of the more stupid ones (still very smart guys by anyone’s standards) got caught and ended up working for the government in one fashion or another. Most of the others like myself eventually saw you really wanted to see and then went clean and are now top coders and programmers for veriest companies to include Microsoft, Google, etc… one is even at Facebook now. a few others, I’m sure, are still at it. Most never got caught and in most cases be affected companies, government agencies, etc. still have no idea we were ever in their systems in the first place.

Being that for a time I was among this group and I met others with the same abilities and interests I can be certain that there are similar groups of top level hackers today. Now you are probably asking yourself what does this have to do with Sabu, LulzSec and Anonymous? Well, a lot. A whole lot. There could be several results from this FBI “intervention” with LulzSec and Anonymous.

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First, they are only continuing to publicize how easy it is to hack and learn hacking at the lower levels. This will get thousands if not millions of bored high schoolers, College kids and drop outs interested in hacking. Second, it will cause some lower-level hackers to seek more knowledge and understanding to become middle level hackers. so that means even if Anonymous were to implode or fall apart as a part of this aftermath there would be another group or most likely several other groups to quickly replace them.

Third, the scariest prospect is that some of these current middle level hackers out there (some which are very good coders in their own right) would move or attempt to move to the top levels of hacking. most likely what you’re going to have is a little bit of all of this happening. The ranks will swell at the bottom forcing people to move up.

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