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FBI uses head of LulzSec to target and arrest top brass in LulzSec and Anonymous hacker groups page 3

Another result could be retribution. Hackers, regardless of what level they are at generally speaking are a close knit community. There may be some tiffs and squabbles between different small groups from time to time, but as a whole they look after and take care of each other. Especially at the highest levels. So what you could say here potentially could be retribution of a type the U.S. and other governments fear the most.

The hackers at the top level, most of which are individuals or small groups, might and probably will see Anonymous as their children or possible future talent pool. The hackers at the top level, as the CIA, NSA and Department of Homeland security clearly know, have had access to some of the most alarming and confidential information to exist. If one or two of them started releasing some of this information it would make WikiLeaks biggest revelations look like a molehill in comparison. The worst-case scenario would be if a bunch of them got together and released everything they had access to.

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If that happened the whole world would be turned on its head. I hope for the U.S. government and current politicians interests that this does not happen, but there is no telling. WikiLeaks brought some low-level tragedies and atrocities, to light and that served as a great wake up call to our governments and to people everywhere. I am not stating or even hinting that the top level hackers out there do anything. All I am saying here is that there is more out there hacking wise that people don’t know about and the government covers up. Literally there are two worlds that go on out there – the protected bubble in which our citizens live and their news informs them of and the second world which is a shady, murky area the government does its best to cover up and hide from its citizens and other countries.

Keep these statements in mind:

1. There is no computer system which is 100% hacker safe – it doesn’t exist.

2. There is often times a world of difference between what is really going on and what we are told on the news.

3. Always learn to gain facts and intel from multiple sources as you will get closer to the truth this way. Don’t discard all conspiracy theories as false or fiction. Some are, and others are so close to the real thing it’s scary (hint – one of the conspiracy stories posted on the internet that involves the CIA in J.F.K.’s death is damn close to what really happened).

4. There are certain secrets the U.S. government will kill and has killed to keep covered up.

5. If you are a hacker it is advised to stay in the lower to middle rungs. The top rungs are for those without family, that have nothing to lose and their sole reason for hacking is enlightenment – if you have any other purpose you will get caught and it, many times is swift and terminal punishment.

6. The FBI is full of shit – always. If they say they have stopped something like hacking, you can bet your ass they only made things worse. They can stop a bank robber temporarily by jailing him, but they cannot stop hacking and they know it.

7. The FBI only investigates low level and middle level hackers.

8. The CIA and NSA and their goons (assassins that don’t really work for them, but are hired and paid by them to do their dirty work on U.S. soil) investigate the real top level hackers. These guys are pros and you do not want them after you. They can create all sorts of justified stories for your supposed accident and obituary – they do it all the time.

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9. If the FBI catches you you will be arrested and it will be made public – they like to look good even if they really didn’t do much of anything.

10. If the CIA, NSA, etc… catch you there is a 99.9% chance you will be dead before you know they are on to you. This is not a movie – it’s serious reality. There is only a 0.1% or less chance that they want you alive for information. And then there is only a 0.00001% chance they will want to employ you for your services. If they catch you it is almost always terminal.

11. Again, the best advice is to stay at the lower to middle levels. You can have fun at these levels and the consequences are minimal.

12. If you have gained access to top secret classified information at the highest levels in the course of your hacking (which won’t be a problem for anyone in the middle to lower levels) – do not tell anyone about it – ever. Your life, your families lives and more could and probably would be at stake.

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