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FBI uses head of LulzSec to target and arrest top brass in LulzSec and Anonymous hacker groups – what did they accomplish?

FBI uses head of LulzSec to target and arrest top brass in LulzSec and Anonymous hacker groups - what did they accomplish
Do you agree the FBI put a halt to hacking with these arrests? Guess again - you better read this very informative article!

The FBI has lately made some pretty bold claims and thinks they have put a stop or serious hamper to hacking groups LulzSec and Anonymous. Anyone can go look it up on the news and see that apparently the FBI had a mole inside LulzSec and it was their leader – Sabu (Hector Xavier Monsegur). They found a way to arrest him and threaten him with the loss of his kids and serious jail time and this made him crack and turn on his hacker pals.

The FBI claims that in cutting off the head of the hacking snake of LulzSec and catching some of the top brass at Anonymous that they dealt a serious blow to the hacking world and put a big block or hamper on future hacking attempts. The full report of Sabu, his arrest and his turning on the others can be found at Gizmodo here. Now the question I have to ask is, “is this really going to stop or put a hamper on hacking?” Well, do you believe that the FBI thinks it is a great step to stop hacking?

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I think it is far from that. You see the hacking group Anonymous which gained fame in the last several years is actually a bunch of novice hackers with a few decent or average ones mixed in among them. There are no superstars there. So where are the real hackers and who are they? This is a question the FBI has been trying to answer and various other government agencies including the CIA and NSA have been trying to keep quiet for many years.

The best ones know how to get in and out without any detection whatsoever. They are not after hacking a few peoples bank accounts to give to some other people and gain notoriety. The real top level hackers are not after money. They are after information. Information is far more powerful than money in some circumstances. For instance, we all pretty much have an idea of what happened when John F. Kennedy was assassinated. But is it the truth? To get close to what really happened you have to gather several stories and different viewpoints out there and put them together to get closer to the truth.

For those of you that can’t figure it out it was a CIA hit. But if you were to have the actual video footage that showed the bullets coming from the real shooters, which the U.S. government did a darn good job of trying to cover up and hide, you would have some serious power with that intel even today. Yes, and if you didn’t learn how to protect yourself you would probably be very quickly visited by some CIA and related goons whom would cause you to have a unfortunate accident or you would simply disappear. And the film or other proof would “disappear” back into their most secret archives.

Video footage like that would be worth millions of dollars if its authenticity could be proven. There are many other similar occurrences, accidents, assassinations, etc… that are at best shady and our wonderful U.S. government has done a remarkable job of trying to cover these things up. For instance just look at the supposed plane hit on the Pentagon that occurred that one famous day on 9/11. If things really went down the way the US government said they did do you think they would have to go and confiscate video footage from every single ATM, bank or any other business or personal entity that could have had any footage or been aimed in the direction of the Pentagon during those moments leading up to the hit?

And isn’t it weird that with millions of people in the nearby vicinity not a single one of them caught anything with a camera or cell phone? Your country is supposedly being attacked – don’t you think someone and most likely many someone’s would have the full footage or it least a piece of it? What about the truth behind President Obama’s place of birth – isn’t it kind of funny that it took him years to come with a birth certificate which was easily proven to be fraudulent? And why hasn’t anyone done anything about it?

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And let’s forget about politics for a second. What about the fun or interesting aspects of getting games, hidden codes, or even military related secrets from companies like Microsoft, Lockheed Martin, Northrup Grumman, etc… (for the list of the top 100 U.S. defense contractors look here. these companies have information that could literally change the outcome of a war or change a country’s placing in the world power scheme. For instance, what if Russia knew how to knock out all the electronics on our best fighter jets? (The scary thing is they have the technology and ability to do this already).

This is the kind of stuff that the highest level of hackers go after. They know this stuff is so sensitive and so valuable – especially in the cases of defense contractor secret technologies, top secret military plans, and other similar information – that getting caught means you will likely never be brought to justice in a court room. only in rare cases does that actually occur that these hackers get caught and get serious jail time – they end up dead instead.

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