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FedEx Kinkos Photo Service Complaint – their photo service is difficult to use and has really poor quality picture prints

FedEx Kinkos has a horrible printing service for pictures.

I just had my daughters 4th birthday party and we took a ton of pictures. I usually print out my pictures at home, but I was out of ink and wanted these done as soon as possible. There is a FedEx Kinkos around the corner from my house so I decided to get them printed there.

I walked in and found these self service printing kiosks. I thought this would be pretty simple just insert my memory stick into the machine and go from there. However, it wasn’t as simple as it sounds. The machine was very finickey asking me to insert my card multiple times when I already had done so. I also didn’t like that I had to insert my credit card before I could even get started.

Why couldn’t I just browse my options before they took in my card for payment. I thought that was a bit ridiculous and made me feel uneasy about what they were doing with my information. Regardless I did it and started playing with my options with the different pictures.

I was disappointed with the quality that appeared on the screen, and thought they even my printer home had better quality images. I thought it might just be how it looked on the screen so I bought one picture to see how it came out printed.

I was sadly made a bad decision. The picture quality was absolutely terrible. There were long lines running up and down the imagine making it look absolutely terrible. I’m glad I didn’t buy all my pictures there and decided test one to see how it looked.

I went to target to have them printed out and I was much happier with my product there. For a place that is supposed to specialize in things like picture prints I was very disappointed in FedEx Kinkos. I don’t think I will be using them again in the future. Their product is far less superior to the competition.

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