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Financial Recovery Services review – this collection agency keeps harassing me for someone that doesn’t live at my house!

Financial Recovery Services review
I am being harassed once again by Financial Recovery Services collection agency for someone that doesn't even live at my house!

I got a call today from a really mean and determined collection agent. He wouldn’t tell me his name or who he worked for, but I knew from past phone calls and the caller ID who it was. Once again all he would tell me was that he was looking for a Mr. Williams. Supposedly the law states that that is all they are supposed to tell you if the person they are calling for isn’t there. But this isn’t the first time that this idiot has called my house asking for a Mr. Williams and it’s actually been going on for a very long time.

I found out very quickly whom he worked for quite some time ago by taking their phone number on my caller ID and looking it up on the Internet. The phone number he was calling from was 1(877)901-4987 and when I looked it up on the Internet I found it to be Financial Recovery Services.

I then looked just a little bit further down the page and found literally thousands of complaints about this collection agency, Financial Recovery Services. Many of these complaints were similar to what was happening to me – the person that they were calling for did not live at that address and never did. When they were told to stop calling they responded with, “I’ll call back.”

It’s not supposed to be like that. This is both rude and harassment. I think it’s even illegal for this collection agency and their collection agent to be behaving in this manner. Every time I’ve asked for the collection agency’s name or the collection agent’s name they won’t tell me anything.

And the worst part is they are rude and they keep calling me every day at random times. I can tell this because I can see it on my phone’s caller id. Sometimes they call me several times a day. And it can be quite annoying. They’ll call me early in the morning and wake me up. They’ll even call me late at night. They don’t seem to care.

I’ve told them several times to stop calling me because that individual that they are looking for, Mr. Williams, does not and never has lived at my address. I bought my house brand-new a few years ago and so I know exactly who lives in this house. It’s just me, my girlfriend and her daughter – that’s it. There is no Mr. Williams here.

Since I found out the company’s name (Financial Recovery Services) I looked up their contact information and found some more phone numbers and their street address:

Financial Recovery Services, Inc.
4900 Viking Drive
Edina, MN 55435

I then sent a letter registered mail (so I had proof that they received and signed for it) telling them that there was not a Mr. Williams at my house and that they needed to stop calling me and harassing me. The harassing phone calls from their rude collection agent kept coming for about a month and then they finally stopped.

Now, it has started up again. These bastards at Financial Recovery Services either can’t keep their accounts straight or are hell-bent on harassing me. I wonder what it is going to take to get them to finally realize that Mr. Williams ain’t here and they are wasting their time and are really starting to piss me off.

2 thoughts on “Financial Recovery Services review – this collection agency keeps harassing me for someone that doesn’t live at my house!

  1. These bastards keep calling me for a bill I didn’t pay from JC Penny’s. I bought a few pairs of jeans and after I wore them for a little while they fell apart. I tried to take them back to the store but they wouldn’t take them back. So I stopped paying on my JC Penney store card. Fuck them. When they called yesterday my dog happened to be licking his balls and so I picked up the phone and set it right next to him so they could get an earful – and boy did they! The dude that called from Fucknut Recover Services stayed on the phone for several minutes listening to my dog lick his balls – it was fucken hilarious. Next time that happens I will have to video tape it and post it to You Tube!

  2. Major addict of the website, a ton of your blog posts have seriously helped me out. Looking forward to updates – ps, I hate collection agencies like this one!

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