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Firestone Complete Auto Care Sales and Service Advisor Review – I don’t get paid dirt here!

Firestone Complete Auto Care Sales and Service Advisor Review
I werk at the Firestone and like they dont pay me enough money. I need a raise bad. My boss wont give me one and just tells me to go out the door and not come back. I need help.

I work at at Firestone Complete Auto Care Sales and Service center here in San Francisco, California. The weather is great, but the pay totally sucks dude. I make like just under $13 per hour and I get some small sales commissions for like when I recommend a repair a customer don’t need – I don’t like doing this, but mya boss told me if I dont that I get to go out the door and not come back in.

Firestone Complete Auto Care Sales and Service center
1200 Larkin St
San Francisco, CA 94118
(415) 673-3441

I think that means I get fired or suspended or somin like dat. Well, anyways my boss he pays me like $12.98 per hour or so and after a hard week I like don’t get a whole lot of money. On Friday and Saturday nights the manager goes to the strip clubs with some of the other guys and like they are broke by Monday.

Now, I don’t do that because like the stripper girls they don’t do anything but take off their tops and dance a little. You don’t get no real action there so why blow your cash like that? Must be my boss is despert – wonder if wifey knows about dem stripper clubs? Anyways, he, they like work me really hard and I don’t think I am getting paid what I am supposed to be earning by now.

I and a friend of mine figured out the other day that by now I should be earning like $30 per hour, not less then half that. I want a pay raise but my boss he like says there is the door and he motions with his hand like its broke or something towards it. The only other people I seen waving their hand like that is the Queen of England, Michael Jackson and this guy wearing ass-less chaps in Grenwich Village in NY (That der is one weird place let me tell you).

Anyways, like I told this old lady the other day that she needed to have her new tires she just bought elsewhere rotated and her brakes replaced – I think they were like a few months old at most – they looked pretty new to me. And my boss told me dat I need to due more stuff like dat.

I am uncomfortable telling people stuff that aint tru. I bben to church a few times in my life and like I even own a bible and like they don’t tell you to do stuff like this. I dont like telling people one thing when the reality is there car is good. I hated having to tell that old lady that she needed to do dos things with her car when it didnt need em.

I think that is called being dishonesty. And I aint no dishonest person or atleast I ain’t dishonest for under $13 per hour. So I am making a complaint that my boss dont pay me nearly enough for what I am recquired to do for him. If I gott to lie den he need to give me a big raise to $30 per hour (I would settle for like $25 per hour, though).

If someone here know my boss please tell him dat I need like a raise to keep on lying fer him. And, remmber I work at da Firsetone Complete Auto Care Center on Larkin St. here in San Francisco California. And I am da guy that everyone think looks like Joe Dirt from the much famous movie. Joe Dirt he sure do have a perty girlfriend in that movie. I wish I could have a girlfriend like dat someday.

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