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Fletcher Jones Honda service review – Great place for great Honda car servicing!

Fletcher Jones Honda service review
I found a great car dealership to service my car at - Fletcher Jones Honda in Chicago, IL!

I just wanted to send a compliment to Colin E Booth at Fletcher Jones Honda Service.  I have gone to many other car dealerships and service stations for car repairs, but the best treatment I have received to date is from Fletcher Jones Honda which is located at 1100 North Clark Street in Chicago, IL.  Most of the other car dealers I have been to here in the Chicago area suck.

Colin has always been extremely helpful and polite every time I come in with my older Honda for service, maintenance and repairs.   I am not wealthy and drive an older car, but Colin and the staff at Fletcher Jones Honda treat me the same as all their other customers.  I drive a 2004 honda accord and every time I have brought my car for service Colin has always been great.

In the past I have brought my car to other area car dealerships and being treated poorly or markedly different than customers that drive newer or more expensive vehicles.  Some service people at other Chicago area car dealerships have even been known to make derogatory remarks about my car and myself within earshot of me.

It is unfortunate that there are so many people in this society that judge you buy the car you drive and are so quick to put you down.  This has happened to me several times at local area car dealerships here in Chicago and that’s why I will not return to those car dealerships for service.  I am happy that I have found Fletcher Jones Honda on N. Clark St. here in Chicago.

And I am very thankful to have run into Colin E. Booth.  He is a very nice person and is always very courteous to me.  I will be taking my car back to Fletcher Jones Honda for service and maintenance for many years and when it happens that my car finally gets too old and expensive to maintain and needs to be replaced that I will purchase my next vehicle (I always buy used vehicles to avoid the massive first years drop in resale value) from them also.

If you are in Chicago and want to be treated in a professional manner and want great service for your car at a good, reasonable price then you need to check out Fletcher Jones Honda and ask for Colin E. Booth – they will take great care of you and your car just like they have for me.

3 thoughts on “Fletcher Jones Honda service review – Great place for great Honda car servicing!

  1. This has to have been written by either an employee of Fletcher Jones Honda or one of their slutty girlfriends. I used to work there and the service sucks. They are mean to customers and employees alike. The management screws over everyone. That is why I left. I was a great employee and worked very hard to please my boss at Fletcher Jones Honda, but after a while I realized that there just was no pleasing them and it got to the point where it was just ridiculous and demeaning. I got tired of going to work and coming home frustrated and feeling so low because of the mean management staff there. Don’t go there – they are terrible people and they will charge you too much and rip you off and laugh all the way to the bank. They rip off their own employees. What makes you think they won’t rip you off?

  2. I agree with Mark. I have been to Fletcher Honda and even know a girl that works there in the office and the place is full of scumbags. The salespeople will lie to you and especially don’t trust the new car manager – he lies through his teeth and is always making fun of customers with bad credit calling them bogues or something like that.

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