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Flying Saucer Charlotte Review – this place has a unique atmosphere but is way too expensive

The Flying Saucer has outrageous drink prices.

I had a hard week of work and wanted to out and have a few beers with my buddies. One of my friends wanted to the go the Flying Saucer in Charlotte. I had never been and was interested in trying something new.

We pulled up about 8 o’clock and the place was pretty crowded. We found a table, and the waitress come over to take our orders. I noticed she was very attractive which was a nice change scenery. I asked her what the drink specials were, and she responded back 4 dollar pints and 8 dollar this and that. To be honest I just stopped listening after I heard beer specials started at 4 dollars.

I didn’t realize I was getting into all that, but reluctantly ordered a 4 dollar pint. I decided to try something a little more out of the box since it was so expensive so I got a Sierra Nevada. The beer was good and it was definitely a fun atmosphere.

I walked around a little bit to find some pool tables in the back. I was pretty excited about it because I love playing pool. So my friends and I had a great time sipping on some beers and playing pool. I just with it wasn’t so expensive.

I ended up spending more money than I intended because I opened up a tab there. That was obviously a big mistake. A few rounds of 4+ dollar beers really can add up fast. I ended up spending more than I planned.

I might come back to the Flying Saucer in Charlotte, but I don’t think I’ll be rushing back soon. It was a pricey night, but a good time none the less. The service was good, and the waitress were very friendly and pretty attractive.

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