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Food Lion auto fair pictures page 2

Old yellow Camaro

A nice old, yellow Camaro or is that a Pontiac Trans Am – this style was so hard to differentiate between the two from afar.

New white camaro

Another new, white Camaro – I like the new style and how they incorporated the old look and modernized it. However, I have a family and must stick with cars that can actually fit a family of 5 in there.

new camaro with wild paint job

Here’s a new Camaro with a pretty wild paint job the guy said that he laid out over $20,000 for – a pretty darned expensive paint job if you asked me.

Red classic stingray corvette

Just try and buy one of these classic old Stingray Corvettes with matching numbers like this one – you will be over $100,000 fast – nice looking car.

New red corvette

This was a sweet looking newer, red Corvette – maybe Prince (as he is back to his name now) was a visionary and this was what he meant when he sang that popular song from the 80’s – “Little Red Corvette.”

Old red corvette

yellow corvette hardtop coupe

You can tell I was at this time wandering through the Corvette area. This yellow hardtop coupe was sweet and I wouldn’t mind having this one in my garage.

New yellow corvette convertible

Old black corvette racer

This old black Corvette just screamed underground racer to me – I was sure there was something sinister lurking under the hood and the owner confirmed my suspicions – over 500 ponies were lurking under there and nitrous to boot. Don’t go racing this hidden lurker unless you have something equally as sinister. This was one bad ass vette.

new blue ford mustang

Now we are leaving the Corvette area – we will see more later along with one of my favorites – a blacked out custom job that was really bad ass. This was just a nice blue Ford Mustang my oldest son thought was cool.

Custom saturn sky

Here’s a question for you – What kind of car do you think this was? They for some weird reason parked it in the Ford Mustang area…

Old blue boss mustang

This old Mustang was what the muscle car era was all about – there’s a reason why it was the top selling muscle car of all time and it was the Boss.

Old black car

This old. black car reminded me a little of the police cars from the 30’s and 40’s.

hot rod with a modern twist

Here’s a hot rod with a modern twist – the paint job is not something you would normally see on a old style hot rod. Maybe the owner got confused or stuck??? I don’t know but my youngest son said it looked like a matchbox car he had…

old black car from the 1960s

Another old black car from the 1960’s reminiscent of what my parents drove when I was a little squirt.

A colorful old pony car

Here’s a colorful , old ponycar – I hope it is owned by a woman…

new white Pontiac GTO

I liked this Pontiac GTO in white – a sports car that was stylish and powerful and yet it has 4 doors and can fit a family roomily inside it. I liked it so much here’s another picture of it – maybe this will be my next car? Wishful thinking…

new pontiac gto back picture

Orange drag car with massive engine

This car is either super fast or just plain crazy. Look at the size of the engine and the superchargers and… This car probably gets less then 1 mile per gallon. It also has two big cans of nitrous in the back – like it really needs it.

Badass black corvette

Remember, earlier I told you about a badass black Corvette that I would show you later? Well here it is. This thing is badass. Blacked out and cool. It was so cool I took 3 pictures and here they are (plus there are even more pictures of it that will come up later).

badass black corvette side picture

badass black corvette back view

And there it goes – was I kidding? That is one bad, blacked out car. And don’t try racing it – the owner’s got well over $100,000 in it and it ain’t all in the paint and bodywork if you catch my drift!


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