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Food Lion auto fair pictures page 4

Pontiac muscle car

Here’s another prime example of what a muscle car should and did look like – a real nice Pontiac.

orange ford mustang GT

Here’s a nice, newer Ford Mustang GT in orange.

baby blue boss 302 ford mustang

Here’s a sweet baby blue Boss 302 Ford Mustang. Normally I don’t like colors like this, but on this car it loos amazing.

The Tang Stang

The Tang Stang – enough said.

Candy apple FOrd Cobra

A Ford Cobra with a candy apple paint job – candied paint is a lot of work (silver undercoat, red apple paint followed by multiple clear coats) – I know this because I had a car back in the early 90’s with a candy apple paint job I did myself and it is a lot of work, but it looks so good when its done right like with this car. Look at how the color seems to change around the wheel wells. This is indicative of a candied paint. It changes colors depending on the angle you view it from.

boss hoss in orange

Here’s a Boss Hoss in orange.

nice blue ford mustang

A nice classic blue mustang.

Backdraft Ford Mustang Cobra

Here’s a very fine example and definitely one of the better FOrd Mustang Cobra kit cars from the folks at Back draft racing. This was definitely one of the nicest Ford Cobras there. Very nice.

YearOne Chevelle SS

The folks at YearOne had this real nice Chevelle SS convertible. Really nice car.

Grave Digger 30th anniversary truck

The folks at Advanced Auto had the 30th anniversary Grave Digger truck there. Cool graphics and nice truck. I still hate Advanced Auto and warn everyone not to go there because of the terrible treatment I got from both a local store and corporate a few years back. They did me wrong and knew it and then had some corporate snob attorney write me a letter threatening to sue me if I told anyone about their screwup and terrible treatment – a bunch of dicks if you asked me. Screw em I say and stay far way from them. Don’t ever visit a Advanced Auto store ever again – I’m sure they are regretting the way they treated me because I know I have cost them millions in customers and potential sales and will continue to do so for many, many years. DON’T EVER GO TO ADVANCED AUTO FOR ANYTHING! THEY ARE BAD< BAD< BAD!!!! Grave digger 30th anniversary truck

Richard Petty driving school car

Of course Richard Petty’s driving school was there trying to sign people up for a few laps at the Charlotte motorspeedway for only several hundred dollars or more….

Kooks custom corvette

The folks at Kooks custom headers had some bad ass cars like this custom corvette and the blacked out camaro below.

Kooks custom blacked out camaro

This camaro is sweet, but I still like the blacked out Corvette I put a lot of pictures of in earlier better. Its still nice and I wouldn’t through it out of my garage.

new Harly Davidson

Here’s one of the new Harley Davidson models – can you guess which one?

Legends racing car for sale

Mini race car anyone? This Legends class racing car is for sale for only $13,000. Legends racing is a lower budget and fun way to get started into racing (but you still need to be a multi-millionaire as the demanding schedule and other requirements like a pit crew make it only available to the rich).

rail dragster

Here’s a rail dragster – man these things are long and many have well over 1,000 horsepower strapped right behind the driver.

silver Roush mustang

Here’s a sweet silver Roush mustang. Not sure what stage this is (for those that don’t know Roush mustangs come in 3 stages from stage 1 to stage 3. Stage 1 is mostly cosmetic whereas stage 3 is usually with a supercharger and serious racing modifications). Roush’s are always sharp looking and manytimes look nicer then the comparable Shelbys or other Ford models.

Aston Martin

How about a $200,000 Aston Martin convertible?

red maseratti coupe

A red Maseratti coupe for $150,000?

black Ferrari wagon

Or an ugly Ferrari station wagon (actually a hatchback) for only $300,000 from the fine folks at Way Over Priced Foreign Cars Italia… If you want a Ferrari or other fancy car get the DuPont Registry and buy elsewhere – you will save a ton of money. Everyone around here knows Foreign Cars Italia marks their cars up at least $20,000 or more then everyone else.

Here's the Maseratti again with a side view.

Here’s the Maseratti again with a side view – much better looking then the Ferarri station wagon above. Still, you would do yourself a major favor by going to a site like Ebay Motors and looking up Maserattis or similar. You could get this same car used, but with very low miles (under 10,000 miles or so) for around $50,000 and save $100,000 plus not have to pay all the scam car dealer fees Foreign Cars Italia charges. GO to Ebay and see for yourself. Nobody’s too rich to save money.


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