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Food Lion auto fair pictures page 5

Nice restored Pontiac Trans Am

Here’s a nice restored Pontiac Trans Am. Very sharp looking car and a very professional restoration job.

silver Camaro SS 350

Here’s a real nice Chevrolet Camaro SS 350. I really like this body style.

silver old school Camaro SS

You can tell I liked it because here’s another picture of the same car.

Old Camaro muscle car

This is another old Camaro, but I never liked this body style. It just looks ugly and screams mullet to me for some weird reason…

Camaro white Z28

Here’s a white Z28 with the same ugly body style – Some people like it, I just never did.

Chevy Nova

Obviously we are now in the Chevy Camaro area, but someone had to put a purple Nova in here and its owned by a dude…

Orange Ford Mustang mach 1

WTF, know there’s a Ford Mustang GT in with the Camaros… Someone that works at the car show and is responsible for this does not know their cars at all…

orange Camaro 350

Ah, back to the Camaros. This is a nice, red 350 with white stripes. A pretty and classic Camaro. A very nice looking car in my opinion. I just wonder why its parked between a yellow Ford Mustang GT and a Chevy van???

Orange Chevy II

Well, we are still in the Camaro area and now we have a Chevy II. At least they got the Chevy part right…

new Dodge challenger hemi

Okay, I get why they put this one here because it looks somewhat like the new styled Camaros, but it is a Dodge… If they bothered to look at the hood they would have seen the hemi tag – Chevys don’t have hemi engines… But that would have been asking too much, I guess. Well, it is a nice looking car nonetheless.

Shelby cobra

Here’s a Shelby Cobra. Whats interesting here is that they want everyone to know its a stick shift (see the 5 speed thing in bright green by the windshield. They want people to know its not an automatic – I didn’t know Cobras ever came with an automatic…

red hot rod coupe

As you can tell, I have given up on the Camaro thing because there is just way too many wrong cars in the Camaro area. Whatever rednecks did the layout for this car show lost it in the Camaro area. Well, there are still some very nice cars in here. Just look at this pretty red deuce. Looks just like the red one in ZZ Top’s “Legs” video. Sweet looking ride. Damn, its sold. I wanted that one. Fat chance, though. My wife would never let me have a car like that. She thinks I’m an old fuddy duddy and that car would be too cool for me. Oh well…

picture of live Lug Nut car show

The mascot Lugnut did a cameo appearance for some live TV show I don’t watch.

white Ford GT-40

Alrighty, now we are going inside the pit areas where the better, more expensive cars lurk. Here’s an original Ford GT-40. If you were to consider buying one of these, depending upon its racing heritage and pedigree they can run from $500,000 to well into the millions (if it was driven in important races by a well known racer the price can easily climb to over $5 million or more).


original Ford GT-40 race car

Here’s a side view of the Shelby GT-40 race car.

blue shelby gt 350

Here’s a bright blue Shelby GT 350.

shelby gt 350 side view

There’s another great view of the Shelby GT 350.

blue shelby cobra

Here’s a real Shelby Cobra in blue. Nice, fast car that will only cost you about $300,000 to $500,000.

blue shelby GT 500 KR

Here’s the monster – the one everyone wants to add to their collection – the Shelby GT 500 KR. Better have well over $100,000 laying around to pick up one of these brutes…


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