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Food Lion auto fair pictures page 6

Ford Shelby GT 500

Here’s another GT 500 hatchback in a darker blue. Just a very nice and rare muscle car.

original AC Cobra

Here’s an all original AC Cobra.

original shelby cobra with wire wheels

Here’s an original Shelby Cobra with knockoff wire wheels – you won’t see many with these wire wheels.

original shelby cobra with knockoff wheels

Here’s another original Shelby Cobra with the knockoff racing wheels.

racing gt 350 hatchback

Here’s another Shelby GT 350 in racing attire – nice car.

Jeff Gordons car Nascar

Of course, they had to put one of the rainbow warrior’s cars in here. Whom is the rainbow warrior you ask – none other then Jeffrey Gordon. Why is he a rainbow warrior – if you don’t know the answer then ask around. Everyone in Nascar knows his marriage is a total sham as his interests lie elsewhere. His interests don’t lie with females… That’s his style and how he rides. Any questions…

blue Dodge Viper

Here’s a Shelby Dodge Viper – I didn’t know Carroll Shelby messed around with Vipers…

badass shelby mustang with big motor in it

Here’s a bad ass Shelby Mustang with a rather large motor installed in it…

new shelby gt 500

And here’s another – the new version of the Shelby GT 500. Definitely not for the faint of heart.

1965 Shelby GT 350 racer

Here’s an old Ford Shelby GT 350 racer from 1965.

Shelby series 1

Here’s a Shelby Series 1. These are no longer made and are currently fetching between $600,000 and $1 million. You won’t see many of these on the street.

yellow Shelby GT-C

A nice and rare yellow Shelby GT-C. I have never even seen one of these and I don’t remember what the C stands for.

new Shelby GT 350

A brand new Shelby GT 350 – a very sharp looking car indeed. Too bad its going to set you back around $75,000.

original batmobile

And then there was Batman and the Batmobile. This is a replica from this company that is licensed to do replicas of the Batmobile – who on Earth would want to drive around in one of these things? According to these guys they sell over 100 of these replicas each year. Must be a lot of Batman freaks out there…

blue Indian Super Scout

Here’s a nice blue Indian Super Scout. Don’t know the year, but it is one nice bike I wouldn’t mind owning.

red 1952 Harley Davidson

Ahh, here’s another great bike – a 1952 Harley Davidson in red. Another bike I wouldn’t mind owning. I think I actually like this one better then the Indian.

black Chevelle

And now we are back outside with a nice black Chevelle.

yellow Chevy II

A classic yellow Chevy II.

Chevrolet Bel Air 2 door coupe

And a nice, red Chevrolet Bel Air 2 door coupe with someone peeking out of the trunk…

Custom Ford V8 truck

And a custom Ford V8 truck.

cool green camaro with billet grill

A cool newer style Camaro with a billet grill.

camaro with cool paint job

A new Camaro with a really cool paint job – just look at all the colors in there…


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