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Food Lion Complaint – I was sold rotten Fruit!

I was sold rotten fruit at Food Lion!

I was shopping on Food Lion recently and I picked up some fruit for the house. It was an assorted pre packed bag full of apples, oranges, pears, ect… I thought it would be a nice mixture of different fruit for the house.

I got in line there and it seemed like I stood in line forever! The thing I hate about food lion is that it doesn’t have self check out lines, nor do they ever have enough lanes open to serve the amount of customers checking out. So I stood there frustrated but eventually got to me and I paid for my groceries and left.

I got home and started to unpack my groceries and put them away, and thats when I saw it. There were a couple pieces of fruit in my fruit back completely rotten and moldy. I don’t know how I didn’t notice it at Food Lion, but regardless it was gross. I don’t know how Food Lion can keep expired and rotten food on the shelf.

I immediately called Food Lion to let them know about this rotten fruit I was sold and the girl on the phone didn’t really seem to care. She kind of half apologized but wasn’t sincere about it at all. I was also told there was nothing that she could do about it. I was then rudely hung up on.

I was furious, and marched right down to Food Lion to speak with the manager. I dragged my bag full of rotten fruit inside and demanded to speak the store manager. The manager was very nice about the situation. He calmed me down and offered to refund my money.

I told him that was the least he better do for me. He offered me nothing more than an apology after that. I stormed out very angry and vowed never to return to Food Lion again. It is outrageous that they would sell rotten fruit in their stores. I will not be back ever again.

3 thoughts on “Food Lion Complaint – I was sold rotten Fruit!

  1. i purchased the items yesterday that i needed to make primavera, a very expensive dish but anyway, i prepared the veg and placed them in a skillet next to the veg stock and proceeded to pour the linguine noodles in the boiling stock, to my dismay bugs came out some alive some dead, and some landed on the veg’s that was next to the pan of stock, anyway they landed everywhere i backed up went to the sink and seen that the noodles were eaten on , then more bugs came out, i put them in the bag and called food lion, they asked me to come in and they would refund i asked if they wanted all the veg that the bugs landed on they said no. I took photo and went to foodlion, to my amazement, they gave me the run around, only want to refund the noodles, I bought everything there and their bugs ruined it all, of course they should be liable, but they said no. These two ladies said their manager isn’t there till later in the week.. I called customer service who in turned said they tried to get ahold of a manager and couldn’t (blew me off) then i called the dept of arg and spoke to a food inspector! but i am still screw lost over 35. for the food. I will NEVER BUY there again

  2. While the issue with rotten fruit is valid, the rest of this is just babble, and rude babble at that. You were already angry about waiting in line so you applied that to the issue with the fruit. First you got someone on the phone that didn’t kiss your ass, most likely because you started off with a rude tone. Then you told them there was nothing more they could do… right before you drove to the store to make sure there was something more they could do. They gave you your money back and apologized… and you stated it was the least they could do? Were you expecting a hand job too? You purchased a product, it was bad, they refunded your money. Lighten up. If you’re pissed about the long lines and lack of self checkouts then make those separate complaints and work them until your satisfied or go somewhere else. The way you’re handling things now comes across ignorant and childish.

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