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Food Lion Flowers Complaint – My valentines day flowers wilted the same day I got them

I had a horrible experience with the flowers sold at Food Lion

I know I am a bit of a procrastinator, it’s valentines day and I still haven’t bought my wife anything yet. I took a break from my work and ran over to the local Food Lion to see if they had any candy and other valentines day gifts.

I got there and it was pretty crowded like usual. They never have enough lanes open to check out, and they still don’t have any automatic self checkout machines available like most modern grocery stores do. Regardless I fought trough the lines and went to see what they had to offer.

I picked up some heart shaped box candy for her and saw some flowers when I was on my way to the checkout line. I decided to check them out while I waited. They were moderately priced and looked to be in decent condition so I decided to get them.

Since I work from home I was able to have the flowers set out on the table for her along with the chocolates for when she walked in the door. I then went on with my day of working at home and went up stairs.

When she got home I heard her walk through the door and give a sarcastic “oh wow.” I know this wasn’t going to be good. I walked down stairs and saw that the flowers that I just bought earlier in the day had already wilted. What kind of crap was that? I put them in water just as they had them and the flowers turned to crap.

Needless to say my wife was not happy. The chocolates were fine, but she was upset that I couldn’t even get her normal flowers. She accused me of being a cheap husband and really lashed into me for getting her wilted flowers.

I had to make up for it by taking her out to a nice dinner at Olive Garden. I will never be buying and flowers from Food Lion again. They are pure crap and wilt the same day you buy them. Maybe next Valentines Day I’ll go to a florist.

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