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Food Lion French Toast Sticks Review – Food Lion brand blows the competition away

Food Lion brand french toast sticks are better than any name brand out there

I’m not much a chef and like do as little cooking as possible. I buy a lot of my groceries from the frozen food section of the grocery store. I had tried a few different brands of French Toast sticks for breakfast and they were okay. I saw how much cheaper the price of the Food Lion brand of french toast sticks were so I decided to try them.

I woke up early before work and put them in the toaster. They were pretty easy to prepare which I like. I put them in the toaster oven for about 3 minutes and they were done. I could tell by the sizzling of the Food Lion French Toast sticks that they had been fully cooked.

They all came out pretty good. The were crisp and fresh. However they had a little stickiness to them because of the sugar on the outside. So I was forced to use a fork to eat them. It was a bit of surprise to me they were that messy. I pictured them more as finger foods.

The Food Lion brand tasted just as good or better than the brand names like Murrays French Toast Sticks, or Pepperidge Farm. They were a solid money saver too. They were a full $2 less per box, and you still got the same amount of food.

I started switching more of my food that I bought to the Food Lion brand rather than the expensive brand name. I didn’t notice a difference in my quality of food, and I started saving a ton of money. In this rough economy everyone is trying to do more with less so this definitely helped.

I would definitely recommend the Food Lion French Toast Sticks over any brand name at the grocery story. For that matter I would recommend the Food Lion brand for just about anything purchased at the grocery store. It’s a huge money saver and you get the same food quality.

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