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Food Network nonstick electric skillet review – I only had this thing a week and the nonstick coating started to flake off!

Food Network nonstick electric skillet review
I bought this electric nonstick skillet by the Food Network and it sucked - the nonstick coating came off and ruined my food!

I used to have an old skillet that my mother had given me for college 2 years ago and it was probably 20 years old when I got it.  That old skillet was made to last.  the problem was I don’t know what happened to it and it probably got lost somehow in moving from one door room to another.  Maybe one of my roommates stole it or borrowed it and never returned it.  Whatever happened it disappeared.

So, I happened to be at Kohl’s department store a few weeks ago (the Kohls across from UNCC) and saw that they had a food network nonstick electric skillet that was about the same size as my old one on sale for $39.  because I used my Kohl’s shopping card I ended up getting something like 30% off in addition to that sale price and it ended up costing a little over $30 with tax included – not a bad deal or as so I thought.

I assumed that the name brand Food Network (I love to watch their many different cooking shows – except for anything with Paula Dean – I think she is a fake) meant that this item was of high quality and would last me a long time like the other one did.  when I got back to my apartment we decided to make an Italian dish with it on the first night.  Everything worked great on it.

The food came out cooked right and it tasted great.  The nonstick electric skillet from the Food Network worked great and I had no complaints.  but that all changed about a week later when I was cooking a lamb stew in it (normally I wouldn’t buy expensive meats like lamb, but Bi-Lo had a half off sale on cut lamb meat and I had always known that lamb meat just tastes so much better than beef) that there were all these weird black specks and flakes in it.

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I thought that maybe I had burned the stew at first, but when I took the stew out of the electric skillet I noticed that the nonstick coating in the center of the skillet had come off.  It looked like it had bubbled up and was coming off anywhere that I lightly touched it with a spatula or wooden spoon.  knowing that those flakes were teflon and could be poisonous to consume I had to throw out the whole lamb stew I had cooked.

That meant I had just wasted all that time preparing and cooking an awesome meal and now the Food Network nonstick electric skillet was bad and I had no meal to eat.  that really got my goat.  You see the problem I have is when a product doesn’t work up to my expectations I will never buy it again.  Yes, when I get the time I will return the item to Kohls and I am sure they will give me a store credit for it ( I don’t know what happened to the receipt as I usually don’t keep receipts after a day or two) as they do have advertised that they have a no hassle return policy.

I am just disgusted at the fact that I had to throw out such a great meal.  Besides when I went back to Bi-Lo the other day they no longer had the lamb meat on sale.  So I got screwed over again.  I won’t be buying any more cooking related items with the Food Network name attached to them after this.

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