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Fords Used Tires Charlotte NC review – a great place to save big on replacement tires for your car!

Fords Used Tires Charlotte NC review
I found this great place on Tuckaseegee Rd. in Charlotte NC for used tires and got a great deal and met some really nice guys - Ford's Used Tires!

I had a car that had sat for about four years outside. It took some electrical work and a new fuel pump to get it running again. Once we got it running the car ran like a champ. The only problem then was the tires – from sitting outside for four years they had cracks and dry rot all around them.

The cracks were so bad in some areas it looked like the treads were starting to come off like they sometimes do on retreaded truck tires. This was a dangerous condition and they needed replacing fast. I called around and the lowest price I could find on a set of four 235 60R 16 tires was $411 at Discount tire. Being that I had just spent about a grand on the electrical work, parts and the fuel pump ($270 at Autozone) I didn’t want to spend another $400 or $500 on tires if I didn’t have to.

So I looked up on the Internet for used tires in the Charlotte NC area. I found one place through Craigslist on North Tryon St. in a very seedy area down past the Amtrack station on 36th street. That place gave me the creeps. There was a large pit bull on a leash and a large sign that read cash only. They also had some sample tires laid out on a display and they looked like they were almost bald tires.

They wanted $40 per tire and I just left because these tires looked terrible and this looked like a fly by night operation. I then found a place on Yelp called Ford’s Used Tires:

Ford’s Used Tires
3401 Tuckaseegee Rd.
Charlotte, NC 28208

I gave them a call and hoped they weren’t going to be like the other tire place. I spoke to a guy that was really nice and he told me that they had a set of 4 tires for my car and that they would be good tires with lots of life left in them. He even spent the time to give me great directions on how to get there – I had never been to that area of Charlotte NC before. So I took my car and ventured down there.

When I got there I found that this place was completely different then the shady used tire place down on 36th street. I was met by the same guy I talked to on the phone and Mr. Ford, the owner. They were all very nice and they found a matching set of Firestone tires they had inside that were barely used (they couldn’t have had more than 5,000 or so miles on them). They mounted and balanced the tires and even guaranteed them. The price was the same as the other place on North Tryon, but here I got way better tires and these guys were great.

I loved the fact that they are really nice, knowledgeable and great on prices. You can pick cheaper tires if you want, but they will tell you they may not match and that they will have more wear on them, but I stuck with the almost new ones – a great deal at $160 for all 4 plus mounting and balancing. Plus there are no hidden fees – almost every tire place has a hidden disposal fee, shop materials fees, etc… These can add up fast and there are none of these bogus add on fees at Ford’s used tires store.

After they put the tires on my car I drove it off and I couldn’t believe the difference a new (or almost new as in this case) set of tires can make. Before they were really bad and made noise and the car rode really rough. After the tires were changed out it was like smooth sailing. my car rode so smooth it felt like I was riding on air.

If you need replacement tires and want to save a bundle you definitely need to check these guys out at Ford’s Used Tires on Tuckaseegee Rd. You will not find a friendlier group of guys and they can even get great deals on large rim tires. Inside the shop they have full sets of almost new 18 inch, 20 inch and even larger tires. I highly recommend these guys and their used tires. You can trust that they will take great care of you and your car and that they will give you a quality set of tires at a great price.

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