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freecreditreport free credit report complaint and review
I got a free credit report from and it wasn't really free!

I saw the cool add on TV from that rockband proclaiming how great and easy was for obtaining a free credit report. I had heard that you need to check your credit report for errors. So I went online to their website and signed up for my free credit report.

Upon receiving my credit report I saw there was an error on there. There were some entries for things that I didn’t own or buy. As it turned out this was due to identity theft and it is today still taking quite a bit of time to clean this off of my record and credit report.

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But I found out that later that month the credit report was not free. They were charging me $14.95 per month for basically nothing other than the one credit report that I got. I called them to have these charges removed and they said they would be.

Low and behold, the next month the same $14.95 per month charge showed up on my credit card bill. I called them again and they said it would be removed. It was not removed and continued to show up on my credit card for another six months until I finally canceled my credit card so they could no longer charge it to me.

I later found out that everyone is entitled to a free credit report once per year as per the law. is definitely not free and is almost impossible to remove from their constant monthly billing. They might say they’ll remove it and stop billing you, but that won’t happen as clearly was evidenced in my case.

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Instead of going to go to which is run by the US government and will give you a free credit report once per year. Don’t listen to the glitzy rockband in’s TV ads. They are only trying to hook you in for a permit $14.95 monthly fee.

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