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FreeCycle Roswell New Mexico review – Why isn’t there ever anything cool posted to this local Yahoo group that I can get?

FreeCycle Roswell New Mexico review
You would think being that I live in Roswell New Mexico that there might be some cool stuff on the local Freecycle - nope - just junk and smelly trash!

I live in glamorous Roswell New Mexico.  The home of aliens and the most famous alien crash landing in history.  Apparently it also is the home of the lousiest FreeCycle yahoo group in America.  Free cycle is supposed to be where people donate things that no longer need and other people can get them for free.

You know, it’s the idea that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.  For all I can find on this Roswell Freecycle group is pure junk.  Not only is it junk, but half the time you are lied to about the junk and told that it is something good when it’s not.  people do that sometimes either to just yank your chain and see who shows up or to get garbage removed for free from their property.

I have heard from friends that use free cycles around the states in other cities that they can get some pretty cool stuff.  One even got a Honda dirt bike that only needed new tires and a new seat.  Another one actually even got an old Cadillac for free.  Me, I can’t get nothing worth having off this here Freecycle website.

You would think that being that we are in Roswell New Mexico of all places that people would have some pretty interesting stuff that would be listed on this freecycle group.  I am an avid collector of everything alien related and was hoping that being that we are in Roswell New Mexico that someone would want to get rid of some alien related merchandise.

No I’m not looking for any UFOs or alien spacecraft – albeit I would love to have these if anyone has the next room would like to get rid of one.  But I can’t find anything but junk on this yahoo group website.  one time I was lured to a house by a lady that had put up some toolboxes for the garage that she wanted to get rid of.

when I showed up to her house to get the toolboxes all she had there was bags and bags of smelly trash.  Her garage looked like something out of that Hoarders TV show and she was expecting me to clean it out for her and remove all the trash.  I am not free labor and I was not interested in her smelly garbage.  If she needed help with that you could’ve called some kind of hauling junk company that specializes in hauling smelly waste.

I have found that this FreeCycle yahoo group here in Roswell New Mexico sucks and is a complete waste of time.  I have done far better going to area yard sales and such.

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