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Frugal MacDoogal Review – This South Carolina liquor store has the best deals in the southeast

Frugal MacDoogal is a great place to get cheap drinks

So I’m leaving for Spring Break and on the way out thought I might make a last minute stop. I’m leaving UNC Charlotte going south to go to Florida for a week; and decide to stop in at Frugal MacDoogal (a super center with cheaper beer and liquor jus over the South Carolina border).

When you go in you see 2 doors. One for beer and another for liquor. I think it’s interesting how they are divided, but still the same store. We walked in the beer side to look around a little. It’s almost overwhelming with so much variety. The beer side also carried a large selection of wines.

It was neat to see this side, but we came to purchase liquor so we left the beer and went to the liquor side. When going in there It seemed more organized, but still a huge selection. I made my rounds looking for deals and sales, and ended up getting sevedka vodka and a handle of captain Morgan.

The prices were significantly lower than a liquor store around Charlotte, NC. We purchased 2 hanles for $20 each. That is just ridiculous. You can’t find that deal anywhere else but Frugal MacDoogal.

When I selected both of these items I noticed 2 prices on the tags. There was a price for paying cash and another price for paying credit. The credit price was only a dollar or so more, which isn’t too bad, but I paid cash.

I’m assuming the price is higher to offset the cost of having a credit card reader. Anyway now I’m leaving and off the have a kick ass time at the beach!

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