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Fuji FinePix digital camera review – this digital camera is easy to use and takes amazing pictures!

fuji finepix digital camera review
I got a Fuji FinePix s1800 digital camera and was blown away at how easy it was to use and the absolutely amazing pictures it takes!


My old digital camera got dropped by one of my kids and the zoom lens would no longer come out or go back in. The rest of the camera worked but without being able to zoom in or out on objects it was basically rendered useless. So I shopped around for a while for a digital camera and I finally came upon the Fuji FinePix S1800 long zoom digital camera.

It was cheaper than the name brand cameras like Canon, but it had all the features and more. When I first picked up this camera and tried it out the zoom capabilities on it were absolutely amazing. This thing had 18X zoom! My previous camera only had 3X zoom. That is a huge difference.

Now this camera, the Fuji FinePix digital camera, is obviously much bigger than my previous digital camera. But it is well worth the added weight and size. The new camera has 12 mega pixel clarity, where as my old one only had 7 mp. that is also a huge difference as I can see so much more in these pictures.




I have taken the camera sailing and on my Cobalt motorboat and whereas the old digital camera would always have fuzzy pictures of anything that was in motion, the new camera is awesome at taking pictures of other boats, watercraft, etc… I even took the camera to the airport and took pictures of planes taking off and they came out perfectly crystal clear even though these planes are going hundreds of miles per hour!

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I’ve never had a camera that was able to do things like this one. With the Fuji FinePix S1800 digital camera, I find that I actually love taking pictures and I’m taking this camera ever were that I go. I even have family members and friends asking me to bring this camera to take pictures at family events and similar. Because they know the quality of the pictures that they get sent later.

If you are looking for a great digital camera that is easy to use at every level (and I am no professional photographer) then you definitely need to check out the Fuji FinePix S1800. I highly recommend this camera.

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