Fulltiltpoker.com Review – This online poker site is superior to their competition

I love fulltiltpoker.com

I am a pretty avid poker player, and just started getting into playing online. A lot of my friends suggested I try playing online, and I had tried a few different sites like pokerstars.net, but recently I stubbled upon fulltiltpoker.com.

I was a bit hesitant at first because I figured it would be the same at pokerstars.net, and I would just be switching over for no reason but to get used to a new format. This was until I found the “rush poker” feature.

I didn’t know what rush poker was until I came to fulltiltpoker.com to play. Rush poker is a feature that will allow you to move tables after you folded a hand. So there is no more waiting time while you the rest of the hand plays out. You just get hand after hand until you find one you want to play.

This really helped me progress as a poker player. Instead of waiting around for about 3 or 4 minutes for a hand to finish I could have played 8 or 9 hands in that amount of time. It is really a fantastic feature.

I also prefer the user interface on fulltiltpoker.com better. It is much cleaner and easier to use. After going back to pokerstars.net I was really disappointed. I can honestly say that will be my last time visiting that online poker site. I will be using fulltiltpoker.com from now.

I now have recommended this site to all my friends that are just casual poker players, or players that want to learn more about the game. It is by far the best online poker you will find. I am a customer for life.

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