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Gallery of Flowers Review – my anniversary flowers from there were fantastic

Gallery of Flowers in Charlotte has a great selection at competitive prices.

It was me and my girlfriend’s anniversary and I needed to get some flowers. I didn’t want to just get the plain Harris Teeter or Walmart brand flowers. I wanted to show her she was special so I decided to get some flowers from a local florist.

I searched some local florists online and picked one that was near by my house. The one I picked was the Gallery of Flowers located in the University Area of Charlotte NC. So I called the day before to see how long it would take for them to put together a dozen roses for me.

The woman on the phone was very polite and a good salesperson for that matter. I was going to called around to see what a competitive price would be, but she cut me a deal right there on the phone for some mixed roses right then and there. I figured I wouldn’t do much better so I decided to stick with the Gallery of Flowers.

She said she could have them ready for me the next day like I needed and they were very flexible with the pick up times they had available. I decided to come by about 11:30 the next day to pick them up.

I showed up right at 11:30 and the flower shop had them sitting right up front ready for me. I was very impressed with the flower arrangement they had made for me. I was expected just a bouquet of a dozen roses, but they mixed in some other flowers to accent the 12 multicolored roses. On top of that they gave me a vase to put them in, alone with water. They were literally all set to go from the moment I picked them up. I was very impressed with their service.

When I brought the flowers over to my girlfriend’s house she instantly loved them. I got a big hug and kiss. She said she couldn’t have been happier with my gift. Gallery of Flowers served me well and I would definitely recommend them anyone who wants some quality flowers at a competitive price.

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