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Genesee Beer Review – This beer is flat and tastes just plain awful

Genesee is the worst beer on the face of the planet

A friend of my has been raving about this new beer he found at the grocery store. It said it was 12 dollars for a 30 pack, and it was a great deal. I live in the south where there aren’t many 30 packs of beer sold here. Most of the time you just find 24 packs.

It was cheap and he wouldn’t shut up about it so I bought myself a 30 pack and tried it out one weekend. When I opened up the box the beer cans themselves weren’t very ascetically pleasing. Just a plain white label with the word Genessee written in cursive across the can.

I popped open my first can and took a big gulp. I nearly spewed out my mouthful of beer across the room it tasted so bad. Now I have had my fair share of cheap beers from Natural Ice to Milwaukees Best, but this is by far the worst I had ever had.

The inital taste in my mouth was very flat. There was very little carbonation in this beer. The raw taste of it made me want to vomit. I figured I should at least finish the one I opened before I would finish evaluating it though. Maybe it was a taste that needed to be acquired.

Well after my first Genesee it still tasted terrible. I had a whole case of them so I figured I better not let them go to waste. I had about 5 or 6 and the taste just became unbearable. My feeling of nausea continued to grow and I had to just stop.

Genesee beer taste like pure ass. I feel like I had given enough of a chance to evaluate it and can stand by that claim. I called my friend and told him how I felt about it and he laughed an denied what I had to say about it. I stood by my claim that Genesee is tastes like crap, and refused to change it. I definitely do not recommend drinking or even trying this beer. Even though it is cheap it is the worst beer I have ever had. Much worse than Big Flats.

7 thoughts on “Genesee Beer Review – This beer is flat and tastes just plain awful

  1. It probably was old. Genesee is brewed in upstate NY and it doesn’t often find it’s way that far away. If you get the courage to take another shot at it, see if you can find the Genesee Cream Ale, it’s way better than the lager even if it isn’t totally fresh.

    1. What are you talking about? They have it in just about all the local grocery stores down here in Charlotte, NC. Do you even know where the beer section is or are you still stuck in the Juicy Juice isle?

  2. I love to drink a little Ginny with my bros. We hang out at the frat house drinking Ginny while we think of ways to haze our pledges. It’s great!

  3. Shiiiit son, you aint tough enough for Jenny. Jenny is brewed in Rochester so its tough, like the upstate yorkers who drink it.

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