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GNC Blender Bottle Review – this product is easy, clean, and great for mixing supplements

I love my GNC Blender Bottle. It was a great buy!

I was in GNC the other day buying some of my regular workout supplements when the man behind the counter asked if I needed a blender bottle mixer. I had never heard of one of those so I asked him to show me what they looked like. He pulled one out and I took a look at it.

It was a very simply designed product. It was a bottle with liquid measurements on the side both metric and standard ounce measurements. On the inside was a wire ball used to mix up ingredients in the drink. I thought this was a genius idea. I wish I had invented something like this myself since it was so simple, and made so much sense. They were $8 so I decided to try one out.

In the past I had always had to preform the arduous and often messy task of mixing up my drinks in an electric blender. It wasn’t like it was too difficult, but it took up a significant amount of time if I was in a rush to go somewhere after my workout.

I started using it for my pre work out mixes and I loved it. It was simple, and all contained inside this little bottle. All I had to do was add water, my supplement, and just shake the bottle. It was really that easy. This was one of the best purchases I could have made. It saved me so much time.

When I got home I started using it for my proteins as well. It saved me about 30 minutes both pre and post workout from taking out my blender, and all that other nonsense that I really hated doing. It was also much easier to clean. Just through it in the dishwasher. Unlike my full size blender which I had to wash by hand.

I would definitely recommend the GNC blender bottle to anyone who makes workout mixes. It’s so easy, self contained, and a big time saver. I now bring my protein with me in the car and mix it up as I am driving home. I don’t even need to go home to mix my drink if I don’t want to.

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