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Golden Corral Complaint – this place gave me horrible food poisoning

I got horrible food poisoning from eating at Golden Corral.

I was traveling with my family and it was time to stop for dinner. I had always seen these commercials for Golden Corral Buffet, and there was one coming up on the next exit. So I decided to stop and bring the family there to eat. Since it was a buffet I figured this would hold us over well into tomorrow.

We got there and there was a small line to pay. We moved right through and paid about $50 for my family of four to eat. It wasn’t too expensive, it’s roughly what I would have had to for everyone if we went to sit down elsewhere. So we got our drinks and moved along to check out the buffet.

They had a ton of different stuff to choose from. Different steak, seafood, and chicken was the majority of the main courses they had there. It didn’t look too hot when we picked it up from the buffet bar though. The mashed potatoes were very stiff and looked as if they had been sitting out, and the chicken I picked up looked to have been out for a while.

Regardless I tried it anyways. I figured I needed to get my moneys worth since it was a buffet. I bit into the piece of chicken I picked up and it was iced cold. It appeared as if only the outside was cooked. The inside had sort of a raw taste to it. I was turned off by how bad it was and decided I shouldn’t eat that anymore.

The rest of the family wasn’t too impressed with their food either. My wife was complaining about how the salad there tasted tired, and very dry. The kids were kind of gross out by what they had gotten too so we decided to just get up and leave. It was really an awful experience.

The next day I woke up and I swore I had never been more sick in my life. It ruined our travel plans because I kept having to pull over on the side of the road to throw up. I know it had to be that Golden Corral I ate last night. That food was just flat our terrible and was definitely the cause of my food poisoning I appeared to have gotten today. I will safely say I will never eat there again. It was gross, and I got horribly sick.

One thought on “Golden Corral Complaint – this place gave me horrible food poisoning

  1. I like Golden corral, I just don’t like the smell of the other customers. People, if you are going to go out to eat please shower and use soap and deoderent. I don’t want someone that smells like a horrible fart or a sewer sitting near me while I am eating.

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