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Golden Corral restaurant review

The family and I went to the Golden Corral on N. Tryon street here in Charlotte, NC last week – Wednesday, if I remember correctly. We went there for lunch and for the three of us I believe it came out to be $28 including drinks. There was a lot of food to choose from. There were deviled eggs which were terrible and tasted like cardboard – they literally had no taste to them and reminded me of cardboard.

Then there was their awesome pot roast which was anything but. The pot roast tasted like it was made by Campbell’s soup company or from a can. The scalloped potatoes were only done on the very top most layer. Anything below that top layer tasted like an uncooked potato. The clam chowder soup was okay but barely had any clam pieces in it whatsoever. It was more chowder and much less clam. The pizza was terrible and tasted like something from a high school cafeteria – absolutely terrible.

Golden Corral

There were a few good things like the chicken livers and onions were good. The corn bread was good and so was the Chinese dishes – only bad thing was they were also empty most of the time as that’s what everyone else ate and liked. The bourbon chicken was good, but there were only two pieces for me to try and they didn’t put more up there the entire time I was there. The desserts were okay, nothing great and again, there was a lot to choose from.

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The coffee we were offered at the end was terrible – worse then McDonald’s coffee which I think is terrible. Overall I would have to say it was okay. It is good for a family with little kids as they will have fun with the deserts and all the choices they can make for what to eat. If you want really good and tasty food though you may want to look elsewhere as there was nothing great at all.

Still, for that area of Charlotte (University area) it’s not a bad deal for a decent meal, I just wish they had some better service at filling up items like the bourbon chicken and the few other good entrees so people like I could actually have more then 2 little pieces. The atmosphere inside wasn’t bad and there were maybe 15 people in there – not crowded at all (which makes me wonder why they would have had a hard time keeping the bourbon chicken stocked).

Golden Corral
7701 N Tryon Street (next to Walmart)
Charlotte, NC 28262
(704) 549-4555

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