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Google Adwords online advertising review – it’s all in the keywords!

Google Adwords online advertising review
Google Adwords can be a great boost or bust for your website. You need to do the proper research first and that will make all the difference.

If you have a website or an online business then I’m sure by now you must have heard of Google Adwords advertising.  But is it right for you and your website?  I have heard all sorts of praise and complaints about whether or not Google Adwords can work and whether it is a waste of time and money or the route to easy riches and profits.

So which is it?  Is Google Adsense something that you should look into and use to market your business?  will you first have to delve into the fact that it’s heavily keyword driven.   Some keywords will give you a ton of traffic to your website or blog.  Some of these keywords can also cost a mint.  For instance, some keywords like mesothelioma, accutane, anti-wrinkle treatment and skin care could be so cost prohibitive at upwards of $5 to $30 per click or more that they are off-limits to most but the deepest pocket businesses out there.

But just because a key word looks good does not mean it’s a good buy.  Many keywords Ken and do end up costing more than the resulting sales or value of the inbound customers that they bring.  this is why research here is so important.  You need to research through online resources like Google’s external keywords tool and other similar keyword specific search tools to figure out what the average cost per keyword is.

Then you need to try various keywords and their results.  What works for one person and their website may not work for you.  And what works for you may not work for them.  You also find that by adding another term or word to the keyword search you can greatly reduce your cost per click and possibly even increase your return or profit through advertising with Google Adwords.

What I mean by this is, for instance, if you are looking for the keyword skin care that might be too expensive.  So instead maybe you should look at skin care treatment creams or skin care for women.  These longer keywords will have less competition and lower CPC (Cost per Click) associated with them.  Being that they’re cheaper you can then bid on more keywords and find out which ones work best for your website.

Google Adwords is like regular advertising.  It doesn’t work for everyone and it takes trial and error and a lot of patience to get it right.  The keywords that you thought would work good for you may not, and ones you never thought of might be the best thing out there.  But just make sure you don’t forget that you are going to pay for those Google Adwords and if you do not do the correct research and put the correct time into it you could pay dearly and end up with an advertising campaign that can cost you more than the sales that you make out of it.

I have seen this a lot With Google Adwords advertising.  I hear complaints all the time of people paying far more out then they’re taking in.  That’s just plain bad business.  But it is like advertising in newspapers and magazines.  The better the placement and the more targeted the audience the more you’re going to pay, but the better your results will be.  So you have to research and do a little trial and error and continue what works and stop doing the keywords that don’t work for you.

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When done correctly, website owners have been able to get ratios of a 100% to 300% return on their advertising dollars through Google Adwords.  But when done incorrectly without the correct research and without putting much time into it you can see the opposite of that and even worse.  I have heard of cases where people or even businesses have seen negative returns on their Google Adwords advertising to the tune of thousands of dollars in losses per month.

My advice here is do not rule out Google Adwords.  When used properly it can be a great addition to any advertising and marketing your ready doing for your website or online business.   be sure to read up on everything you can about Google Adwords and other similar online advertising resources and then try them but set up maximum daily spending limits so that you don’t make a mistake and overspend your advertising budget too fast.  And remember it’s a continuous learning process – so be patient and stick with what works and be sure and research all your keywords.

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