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Google and their unethical and unfair Panda Update!

Google and their unethical and unfair Panda Update
All about Google and their unethical and unfair Panda Update - you need to read about Google's unethical and illegal business practices!

Well, if you have been following the news or even what is posted on forums on the internet then you probably know about the Google Panda update. Google usually has one big update to its search engines per year, but this time it was different, very different. Google crossed the boundaries of what is fair or ethical.

What Panda basically did was two things. First it moved some duplicate content websites farther back in the rankings. For example websites like Hub Pages and Ezinearticles got slammed for having thousands of article rewrites (basically their authors rewrite each others articles and then re-post them). This was good, but then, in a dark way and under the guise of this beneficial part of the update they rolled out another, more sinister part.

This second part of the Google Panda update penalized websites that are all about white hat SEO and generating unique, quality content for their readers. Google penalized sites like ScreamingReviews and others solely because they veered into some of the niches or areas where Google has properties. Specifically in our instance we were penalized (Google traffic dropped in half) because some of our consumers reviews deal with restaurants and this competes with Zagat – a website Google recently purchased.

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Google is cleary favoring Google owned websites and content. Google wants to ensure they get their value out of Zagat and other similar properties. So, if you look into the traffic trends you will see that websites like ScreamingReviews (which has only 100% unique consumer driven content of the highest quality – much better content then Zagat and other similar websites) lost 50% of its Google traffic and Zagat was one of the only websites to gain traffic from that Panda update. Yelp was even targeted and lost serious traffic – why? Because they directly compete with Zagat!

Is that fair? No. Is it ethical business behavior? No. Is it illegal behavior? Yes. This is just another instance of Google abusing their monopoly of the internet and search. This is why the FTC and government are currently doing an anti trust inquiry or investigation into Google and it’s business practices over the past ten years or so.

I imagine when Google sees this post they will further ding us as they don’t want this information to get around that they are operating in an unethical and even illegal manner, but this needs to get out there. Google is now spending millions of dollars on lobbyists in Washington DC to try and circumvent this anti-trust investigation by the Department of Justice.

Cleary Google is no longer following their old adage of do no evil. It is now gloves off at Google and anything goes. It is time for the justice department to kick in and split them up – this will only improve internet search and other related internet endeavors as it will bring about more equal competition. Google is like ma bell back in the 70’s and early 80’s until it was split up by the justice department.

If you are against big Google and it’s illegal tactics of favoring their own properties and content then be sure and contact your state representatives, governor, etc… and make your voice heard. Don’t let them use their billions like Microsoft did and keep their illegal activities under wraps.

The good news here is that Europe is set to give Google some serious penalties as they have found them to be an illegal monopoly.






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The European commission has the power to fine Google 10% of its annual revenues. This could seriously impact Google and make it change its abusive behaviors. Will they stop? Probably not as they just bought another potentially questionable property Admeld.

The staff here at ScreamingReviews will not stand for illegal behavior, scams, etc… and we will not stand for Google’s clearly illegal behavior. We will continue to report on this topic regardless if Google continues to abuse the laws and penalize us for bringing out the truth of what they are really doing (favoring their own properties and content). We want our readers and everyone possible to know the truth. Google is evil and is not playing by the rules.

Please continue to link to all the posts on our website and mention or link to them in forums so that we can continue to make your voices (the voices of the people) heard and thwart illegal companies like Google. Thanks again for being our valued readers and contributors. The staff here at ScreamingReviews wants you to know that we will not cave into illegal companies like Google – no matter what we have your back and will fight for the truth!

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