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Google Panda update 23 right before Christmas – what gives???

The folks at Google have done another update to their search algorithms right before Christmas (you can read about it here This is not the first of these updates and, according to Google it only affects 1.3% of search keywords this time. But what concerns me is that there is definitely something more devious at work here. There is something far more sinister at stake here and Google is possibly being allowed to get away with it on purpose by our lovely government.

Google says they are doing this to better search results, but are they really doing this to make things better for everyone and out of the kindness of their hearts as they claim? Keep in mind, Google is currently being investigated under several federal probes for exhibiting illegal monopolistic behaviors, illegally off-shoring funds and profits, hiding monies (billions in earnings) from the IRS, and numerous other illegal or shady business behaviors. So, what gives here?

Google is evil

Google is once again flexing their muscles to drive traffic, consumers and profits to their properties and areas of interest. By an across the board rearranging of their search engine algorithms they can make it so that businesses (to survive online) must purchase Google’s expensive advertising (Adwords program). Anyone that has recently used Google Adwords knows that the keywords have gotten so expensive that it is hard if not impossible to earn profits through using Adwords. It is widely known that the average cost per keyword is now nearing $1.90 per click. The average earnings or return per click is an abysmal $.49 and that is with a dedicated account manager or marketing team with a much higher additional cost into the thousands of dollars or higher.

My advice is to contact the government and tell them to stop this illegal behavior from Google. Tell them to do their job this coming June when Google is due in court over the anti-trust violations with the FTC. With some of the press released lately it sounds like the FTC is practically in bed with Google on this one – if you spend enough on lawyers and lobbyists like Google does you can buy your way out of almost anything. But still make your voices heard. Let your state and federal representatives know you will not stand for Google’s illegal behaviors.

What blows my mind with this whole thing is that you could have a great website with all unique content, images and do everything right and Google will just keep on dinging you and you will just lose traffic over time instead of gaining it. It almost makes you want to just stop writing and/or blogging. It’s sickening that they can get away with this. It has a little something to do with the fact that Google has a secret agreement with several government agencies (Department of Homeland Security, CIA, NSA, etc.) to allow them impunity with your search querries and behaviors while online. This is clearly a violation of US citizens rights.

I tried to voice my opinions about this on my own blog and got immediately hit with a swift penalty for speaking up against Google and their illegal behaviors. I was hit so hard that my traffic dropped over 85% overnight. I had to remove the negative but true post about Google and then about 7 days later my rankings returned, but only about 40% of my traffic came back. That is definite proof that Google is exhibiting highly illegal behaviors. I hope that by posting this here at Screaming Reviews that the same problem does not happen to your website, but something has to be done about this. Google must be stopped.

I have no interest in paying a ton of money for Google’s Adwords online advertising program and refuse to cave in especially when my websites don’t have enough traffic or earnings to pay for it. This is illegal extortion on Google’s part. Google is changing all areas of search where they have a vested potential future interest. It used to be that bad websites that were doing black hat SEO (Search Engine Optimization) things like keyword stuffing, linking schemes, paid links, etc. were the websites getting dinged by these search updates like the first Panda update.

But now it is happening to every website that isn’t owned or “liked” by Google. Liked could mean several things, the largest part being those that contribute heavily through the use of their Google Adwords program. And when I say heavily I don’t mean a few hundred dollars per month. I mean tens of thousands or more – that’s what it takes to be “liked” or “preferred” by Google and to rank naturally higher in organic search results and not be penalized by the numerous Panda and other similar updates.

To make your voice heard and to help stop Google from increasingly influencing online search through its illegal business behaviors and extortion like policies you can contact the FTC and file a report here:

And here is more contact information for them:

Federal Trade Commission
600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20580

You can also contact their Antitrust issues department at:

Office of Policy and Coordination
Room 7117
Bureau of Competition
Federal Trade Commission
601 New Jersey Ave, NW
Washington, D.C. 20580
Phone: (202) 326-3300

I also suggest everyone write to their own state senators, representatives and the White House. While I am not going to post the contact information for every state senator and representative here (you can easily look this up on any search engine) I will post the White House contact info:

The White House
Attn: Pres. Barack Obama
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest
Washington, DC 20500
Phone:(202) 456-1414

If enough people get involved and make their voices heard then illegal monopolies like Google will get crushed as they should. Don’t let Google buy their way out of their illegal behaviors by providing steak dinners and nice Christmas gifts and donations to various representatives and politicians through their expensive lobbyists in Washington DC (that’s exactly what is going on right now). For more on this please read the following pages and search any search engine (especially Yahoo and Bing whom don’t tend to hide Google’s illegal behaviors) under keywords like “Google update”, “Google search scam”, “Google is an illegal monopoly”, and “FTC investigation Google.”

Get informed and please, please, please get involved. Link to this post and pass it around to all your social contacts so that Google cannot possibly bury this matter (which I am sure they will surely try to do). Your rights as an American citizen are at stake here. Google is growing bigger every day and if they are allowed to keep up their illegal monopoly things will only get worse – much, much worse. And also, as another piece of advice – write for everyone other then Google when you publish posts or blog. Write like Google doesn’t matter or even exist. You know why? Because I believe in Karma and when anyone does bad things (like Google) bad things will happen back to them. Google is behaving a lot like a evil dictator and as history can tell you what happens to these evil dictators? They either get overrun, killed or just die off. Evil never lasts. So get informed and involved, make your voice heard and then sit back and watch – once you’ve done your part you can sit back and watch karma do its part and Google will eventually disappear back into the mirth from whence it came.

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