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Google Panda update – Google is likened to online mafia with pay to play scheme added to their search algorithm.

Google claims to be this very upstanding company that can do no wrong, but if you sift through all the dirt and what is really going on after their Farmer and then Panda updates you will quickly find that Google has a dark side – a very dark and corrupt side. I personally know several people that work at the Googleplex (Google headquarters for those that don’t know) and are involved in the creation and implementation of these search algorithm changes like Panda and Farmer. There were many changes like how current and useful content is, but two things they told me stuck out.

Those two things were that the algorithms after the Panda update place a significant amount of weight for business websites on whether they do or do not use Google’s advertising (Google’s Adwords online advertising program). If a business does not use the Google Adwords program in a significant fashion (ranking for paid search in top 3 is what I was told is significant by my Google friends) then it will significantly impact their website’s rankings in a very negative fashion.

google is evil
Is Google really evil? You will never see Google in the same way after you read this!

The other thing that stuck out to me is that they said with the Google Panda update significant weight was put towards any views of Google employees towards other websites. What this means is that if a Google employee does not like your website or business you can literally fall out of the rankings similar to a large penalty. How to tell if this has happened to you or your website? Just check your url to see if your site ranks for your own url minus the extension (.com, .net, etc.). If you still rank well for your url but have lost significant traffic after the Panda update and you have high quality content and no copied content or similar or major html or other problems then you most likely have been dropped or lowered in the quality aspect of Google’s algorithms due to an employee’s opinion of your site.

Is this fair? No, not at all. Is it legal? Nope. Then again is it legal or ethical for the head of the FTC whom was currently investigating Google for various illegal activities to dine and have dinner with Google’s CEO where they could talk and together come up with a settlement that was basically pennies to Google and acceptable to the CEO? Nope, but it happened. Google is now basically acting like the online version of the Italian mafia of the 1970’s and earlier. They are using their 95% control (yes, Google denies this, but they do control upwards of 95% of all search traffic on the internet – can you say illegal monopoly?) to exert pressure and influence to get businesses to buy into and use their over priced and not very cost effective advertising.

You see, about 10 years ago, Google Adwords was relatively cheap. Anyone could go online and drive a bunch of okay traffic to their site relatively cheap. Then the competition started to grow and by 2005 it cost $1 to earn $1 through their online advertising. Yes, Google tried to set up teams to help larger advertisers find less expensive keywords, but there was a reason these other keywords were less expensive – bad conversion rates or even non-existant conversion rates. There is truth to the arguement that not all traffic is equal and using cheaper, less effective keywords will drive crappy traffic that won’t convert well and could easily cost even more money to a company and produce terrible results.

By 2010 many advertisers altogether stopped using Google Adwords due to the fact that it was by then, on average, costing between $3 to $5 to earn $1 through their advertising. In other words, it became so expensive to use Google Adwords online advertising that most companies stopped using it. Only companies that were interested in furthering their brand awareness really continued using Google’s advertising. Even then most have found it not very effective for the price they end up paying.

Now, with this added change to the Google search algorithms they are literally extorting website owners and businesses into using their expensive advertising whther or not it provides them any benefit. My Google employee friends said that this was first made aware to them at a meeting where Google higher ups stated they were tired of websites not using their advertising and getting a free ride with their online search. The algorithms were then changed so this is no more. If you don’t advertise with Google in a way that they think is significant then you will not rank well for any keywords of significance.

Instead you will rank at places like minus 600 or similar. To see if this really was the case I took two websites of mine which were both hit pretty hard after the Google Panda Update in April of this year. Neither used Google Adwords. I then hooked up Google Adwords on the 2nd site. Within 5 days it went from page 3 for its biggest keywords to #2 on page 1. Two weeks later I dropped all the advertising. in less then 3 days I was back at the bottom of page 3 for the same keywords again.

This time I tried a lower level of advertising on Google Adwords. I was listed at the bottom of the results for their paid search ads on page 1 and sometimes on page 2. My regular search rankings improved a little, but only marginally. I went from the bottom of the results on page 3 to the top of page 3 and sometimes flirted with the bottom of page 2. After a few weeks of this I cut the advertising completely and went back to the bottom of page 3 and for one keyword I went to page 5!

I then turned on the Google Adwords and pushed my bids up to where I was a contender for the top spot on their paid search ad listings. Within just a few days I went from page 3 and 5 to page 1 and not only page 1, but the number 1 ranking on page 1. I have left my websites out of this as I know If I were to list them as proof, Google would give me a huge penalty and derank my site or sites altogether. But, regardless, this is proof positive that Google is playing illegal games with their online search. This is not just a complaint about Google search engine rankings – its actual extortion and it is 100% illegal.

The other factor of the impact Google employees can have on a websites ranking just made me sick. So, if a Google employee doesn’t like you or your site for any reason they can cause your website to lose 50 to 90% or more of its traffic. The more Google employees vote against your website the worse it gets. According to my friends at Google, if you get 5 or more negative votes from employees at Google you get deranked – that’s it and it’s permanent. Kind of like being sandboxed permanently.

So, now you have to not only pay their ridiculously priced advertising prices on Google Adwords (extortion) but you also have to be careful what you and your readers or comments say about Google. If you say something negative whether it is truthful or not you could face the Google death penalty – permanent deranking. This is why I have elected to place this complaint about Google here at ScreamingReviews and not on my own websites – I can’t afford to lose much more traffic. From what I have seen in the posts I have read so far, ScreamingReviews seems to not be afraid to post the truth even if it puts down Kim Jong Un, Hillary Clinton, the US government or even Google itself.

Hopefully people can learn from this and start to stand up to the corruption and illegal activities going on at Google and with Google;s search algorithms. I am sick of it and something needs to be done. The FTC chief needs to be thinking about splitting up Google as it is a monopoly and is exerting pressure and influence in online search. He shouldn’t be having drinks and dinner with Google’s CEO. Please link to this, pin it, like it, etc. so that everyone can see what it is that Google is doing and this can be stopped.

If you ask Google about this extortion and their crimes they will tell you this is untrue, but then they won’t show anyone their algorithms – why? Because if they did it would be clearly easy to see their blatant and illegal activities and use of extortion in crafting their algorithms and 95% of all internet search traffic.


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