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Google search ranking complaint – it’s been 6 months and my website still isn’t ranking very well at all – what gives?

Google search ranking complaint
I have been creating a great website full of hundreds of pages of unique content and 6 months later I am still not ranking well with Google search!

I spent a lot of time creating my website and I targeted a great niche – credit repair. I put quite a bit of great content on the site – all unique content that I wrote myself from my own personal experience as a credit repair professional. I like to help people and thought this would be a great way to boost business and help people at the same time.

6 months and hundreds of pages of content later I am still waiting on Google to let me rank for anything worthwhile. I have some rankings for keywords nobody searches for like “Miami Florida credit repair done right” and “Miami Florida credit start over”, but for the keywords that are important to me like “Miami credit repair” and credit repair Miami Florida” I am no where to be found.

I am also only getting minimal traffic. My other websites that are in different niches are averaging 500 to 3,000 unique pageviews per day. This credit repair website (which I will not list here because I don’t want any Google penalties for complaining about Google search) is ranging around 20 to 90 pageviews per day with hundreds of pages of great, unique content.

Am I in the proverbial Google sandbox? I thought you get out of the sandbox quicker now (like in 1 month or so) with great quality and unique content. I have been very consistent in adding quality content almost every day (except maybe for a day off every now and then) and updating my content and answering comments from readers.

Does anyone have any tips for me on what I can do? I have tried to contact Google through the Webmaster tools and have yet to receive a reply. I read somewhere (I think it was on Webmaster World Forums) that Google rarely ever responds and they don’t care at all. Should I stop adding unique content to this site and go on to something else?

I don’t understand why Google wouldn’t want a high quality website like mine full of great quality and unique content ranking high. Instead there are lots of crappy websites ranking for the keywords and search terms that I want. How can I switch this around? Doesn’t Google want to give people that are searching with Google search a great search experience?

Or is Google broken now that it has gotten too big and that it is destined to fail or get taken over by another search company like Bing or someone else? All I want is to get a good traffic return on my time investment of creating this great quality credit repair website.

I have gone to the Google help forums and received no help whatsoever. Those people there are mean and their responses are things like “stop spamming”, “don’t be a link farm”, and even “get off the internet because you aren’t worthy.” Google forums I found was no help and worthless. If someone has some insight into how to get my site to rank better then please help me. I am open to new ideas.

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