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Grays Bookstore Complaint – Their Text Books Are a Rip Off!

Grays Bookstore is ridiculously overpriced

With the spring semester starting up for me at college I needed to buy my books for the semester. I try to avoid shopping at the school book store. Their prices tend to be the highest. I decided to check out the prices at Grays Bookstore instead.

I walked in to see a police officer standing at the door. I was a bit surprised they hired a cop to stand there all day, but I guess book theft must be a big problem there. Anyways I moved on down the isles to see what I could find.

I was approached by one of the sales associates there. She asked if I needed any help and I told her which books I was looking for. She said she knew where they were and took me to the correct location. It can sometimes be overwhelming shopping for books. They can sometimes be difficult to find.

She took me to where my calculus book is located. There were no used copies left so all they had to sell me were new copies of the book. I looked at the price and it was $230! I know text books are expensive but this was ridiculous. I know I could find it cheaper somewhere else. I told her I was going to pass on this book and see if I could find it somewhere else.

I asked her to show me another book. It was for my finance class. She said that there were a few used copies left. Those were ridiculously expensive in my opinion for a used book. Grays Bookstore wanted $170 for a used book! It didn’t even come with the online homework access code. I would be forced to buy that online, and that was another $70. The new book prices weren’t much better. The finance book was listed at $215!

I thanked her for her help and left. I didn’t need to look for any other books there. This place just had retarded pricing. Who would pay that much for a text book when there are other places to buy it from like

I went home and checked out the prices for my books on They were much more reasonably priced. I added up the total savings I had from ordering my books online and it was over $300! This was obviously a better deal. Grays Bookstore is a rip off, and I will never shop for my text books there ever again.

2 thoughts on “Grays Bookstore Complaint – Their Text Books Are a Rip Off!

  1. Instead of using them or your college bookstore (they are the worst), use and (avoid Ebay as the sellers lie about book condition, required dvds and CDs missing, internetional editions, etc…). I usually save about half off regular store prices.

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