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Great Clips Complaint – They obliviously cut off my whole side burn while gossiping among themselves and didn’t even apologize.

I had a horrible experience at Great Clips

I was in need of a hair cut so I went to the place I normally go to, Great Clips. Normally I have had average experiences there. They cut your hair for a low price and then leave. However, this experience was definitely one I would never forget.

I came in and gave them my information when I got to the counter. They said it would just be a minute while they prepared my chair for me and cleaned up after the last person that was there. There were 3 people working and I was the only customer in there.

I sat down and told the woman how I wanted my hair cut. I just usually get a buzz cut. It low maintenance and I can get in and out of there very quickly. So the woman starts to take some off the top, and I sat there and watched.

She was gossiping with the other women in the shop since there was nothing else for them to be doing while they waited for another customer. I didn’t really have any interest in listening to them, so I just tuned them out. I find girl gossip to be very annoying.

One of the must have said something funny because the woman cutting my hair started laughing uncontrollably. This made me a bit uneasy as she still had the blade going while she cut my hair. She was doing my sideburns when this occurred and she cut off my whole side burn up past my ear.

I was furious because she screwed up my haircut and it looked even worse because I have facial hair that connects to my sideburns. So I now had a huge gap between my facial hair and my hair on my head. It looked absolutely ridiculous. What was even worse was that she didn’t even apologize for her mistake.

I’m not sure if she was just oblivious to the situation or just didn’t care. She trimmed up the other side of my head the same way so I now had two huge bald spots on the side of my head. I was polite about it and didn’t make a scene in Great Clips. However when It came time to pay I left her no tip. I usually tip well, but after an experience like that she didn’t deserve a cent.

I had to go buy a razor and shave my face when I got back to work to avoid the embarrassment of how bad she cut my hair and screwed up my facial hair. I will definitely be going somewhere else to get my hair cut next time. The women at Great Clips are just oblivious and don’t care about the job they do cutting your hair.

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