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Great deal on Aeropostale shirts – $4 to $5 each at the Concord Mills store!

I went to the Aeropostale store at the Concord Mills Mall in Concord, NC the other day and they had a cool sale going on. There were bins full of t-shirts (probably last seasons left overs) and they were all marked $3, $4 or $5. There were only small and mediums in the $3 bins – nothing that would fit me, but I found plenty of XXL short sleeved shirts in the $4 and $5 bins. Some of the bins were just yellow or blue shirts and I didn’t like a few of the designs, but there were more then a few that I really liked and for the price – you just can’t beat $4 – $5 or so per t-shirt for Aeropostale shirts!

white aeropostale shirt

aeropostale shirt with price tag

As you can see in the pictures the regular prices for these shirts was $24 or higher – so this was a great sale and these are some great t-shirts.

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black aeropostale shirt

maroon aeropostale shirt

red aeropostale shirt

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red aeropostale shirt with price tag

yellow aeropostale shirt

So, I bought 5 great t-shirts at Aeropostale for around $25 or so – that’s a heck of a deal!

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