online gun auction review online gun auction review

I have tried the online gun auction but can't seem to win anything at all even after hundreds of bids.

I saw an ad for this online gun auction website in my Field & Stream magazine. It looked interesting so I had to check it out. I mean, if I can get a great gun or two for 90% off that would be sweet! So I went online and looked it over. I read the user agreement – that you must be able to complete a NCIS check by the ATF or FBI.

On a side note NCIS background checks are standard procedure in all states especially for FFL dealers – but as we all know and see on the news every day this doesn’t work to keep guns out of the hands of felons. It only keeps guns out of the hands of dumb criminals that have no friends or connections. A felon can easily get a gun in under 5 minutes in any major city anytime they want and these laws do nothing to curb this – no new gun laws will change this regardless what the lying politicians say.

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And guess what? If you just keep increasing penalties you eventually find yourself in California’s shoes with a massive prison population that you can’t afford to feed, clothe and provide shelter for. The Brady law with its required NCIS checks only makes criminals go underground to buy their guns. This makes matters worse as it exposes them to more powerful guns (even automatics) for the same or similar prices. Regulation is not the answer for guns or drugs. Besides, not to mention, but the Brady law is unconstitutional.

Now, back to the site Guns4Pennies. It is interesting and the auctions go for a set period of 2 days or so and then they revert to 30 second resets. Every 30 seconds either a bid is placed (by a penny) or the auction ends and the winner gets the gun or other related item for its current bid price. I saw some items end quite cheap, but you have to consider the logistics here.

You have to keep bidding every 30 seconds before the timer resets and you could have to spend several hours in front of your computer or longer to try and win something. I tried numerous times and the bids just kept coming until I had to finally turn off my computer and go to sleep. I wasn’t about to stay up all night to get a good deal on a Beretta 92A1. It is a decent gun and the price was $22 when I finally gave up.

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I will keep trying for a little while longer but I don’t have high hopes. I can’t seem to be able to win anything and it takes much too long. One thing I know for certain is the seller and website owner are making out like bandits. If a gun goes for $10 that means at penny increments they brought in $1,000 and a gun like the Beretta goes for around $400 or so. That is a pretty good profit. But these guns were going for at least twice that. So the profits are averaging at least 300% or more.

Some of the bigger guns like the Steyr Aug were going for over $85. That means they had received over $8500 in penny bids. That is some huge profits there. The winner does get a great deal, but it is similar to playing the state lottery. The odds of you getting a great deal or being the winner are not good. I have been doing this now for several days and have nothing to show for my efforts except the credit card charges for the many bids I have placed in vain. And this is all assuming that the sites owners are on the up and up and are operating in an honest fashion. If they are not – and this might be as I suspiciously see the same items getting relisted soon after an auction is over – then they are making a killing ripping people off. I hope tht’s not the case, but it does seem likely here with

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