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I have found to be a great website for saving half or more on my college textbooks.

I’m a college student at the University of California at San Diego.  One of the biggest expenses that I face and it keeps going up apparently every semester is textbooks.  It is amazing how expensive these books are getting.  I’m an older student and I’m coming back to college after a 20 year sabbatical in the workforce.

Back then when I was in college $60 was expensive for textbook.  Nowadays you don’t see one for $60 at your campus bookstore very often.  instead the price range is usually $140, $180, etc… per book.  you can literally spend $200 per class on books.  Then, sometimes, to make things worse you need to buy a subscription or a code for an online homework or testing service.

And then there are some books, like those for organic and biochemistry that can go well over the $200 range.   On average I find that I’m spending $600-$900 per semester on books.  but that’s only if I buy them at the school bookstore here at the University of California San Diego.  I have now found that if I instead find out what the books I need are for class a little early and they shop them online I can save a ton of money.

one of my favorite websites that I’ve found for buying college textbooks online has to be  I can easily go on there and find just about any textbook that I need for at least half the price that my school would charge for the same book.  what this amounts to quickly is that I can literally save $300 to $500 per semester just by buying my college textbooks online.

I tell this to the kids that I go to school with, but I still see winds of them buying their books at the college bookstore.  That is just so stupid and such a waste of money.  I guess you could say somebody has to do it, but the sad reality is these kids most of the time from what I’m saying and hearing are not paying for their textbooks – their parents are.

So hopefully some of you parents out there will read this and learn how to make it so that your college bound student saves you some serious money each and every semester.  All it takes is for you to make them find out what their textbooks are beforehand and then go look them up online at a website like

you can choose from a used or a new book and you can choose the price you want to pay.  You can also put request in for a lower price or for a book that’s not available.  When you do this once someone selects your price they’re bound to it and they have to ship it to you  as they’ve agreed to that price.

There are other websites online or you can also save money on your college textbooks like and textbooksRus.  but I have found for my personal experience that I have done best overall with  I had a few nightmare sellers on and that’s why I don’t recommend them as highly ( I got my money back but it screwed me over because I didn’t get the right books until three weeks into the semester – and I had to borrow a friends books and that was very annoying to say the least).

So it’s this easy parents and students – logon to and look up your college textbooks before you ever consider buying them at your student bookstore.  Let the rich kids that are burning holes in their pockets do that.

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  1. Thanks for the great advice. I saved over $500 this semester by buying my college textbooks online as you suggested. Thanks again for the great advice.


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