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Have you had a bad experience with Carolinas Healthcare Systems or any of their many associated hospitals or medical centers – we want to hear from you!

Carolinas Healthcare System Complaint

We have recently heard of quite a few complaints (several hundred to be more exact) of wrong doing at the numerous facilities owned by Carolinas Healthcare Systems. So we will be looking into this. Complaints range from everything from HIPPA and privacy complaints to EMTALA and numerous violations to include violations of federal laws. So we will be starting an investigation into this massive non-for-profit hospital and medical office chain.

Right off the bat we can see (from reporters at the Charlotte Observor) that business at this massive, billion dollar non-for-profit/charity is not normal. They do not follow the guidelines and rules for charities and non-profits. According to the Charlotte Observer this hospital chain is one of the most profitable (if not the most profitable) hospital chains in the country. Below is the link to the actual Charlotte Observer report on Carolinas Healthcare System and the greed and corruption that is going on there:

As defined by the IRS, a non-profit means that all profits earned must be spent on the mission of the non-profit. In other words, profits cannot be spent on owners, executives or dividends as they can in a for-profit. With the CEO of Carolinas Healthcare System, Mr. Tarwater earning a salary of $4.7 million per year now (which in my book is incredibly ridiculous for a non-profit charity) it is easy to spot a system run awry.

Just a few years ago people were in an uproar over the CEO of the Red Cross earning $800,000 per year. She was forced to resign due to the negative publicity that resulted. Now you have this guy, Mr. Michael Tarwater, raking it in big time from this charity/non-profit hospital and medical group chain. I don’t know how this guy can sleep at night knowing that he is ripping off consumers and businesses alike across the Carolinas and everywhere the CHS, CMC, etc. names are.

There is no reason a CEO of a non-profit or charity should ever earn over $300,000 per year. Especially at a hospital or hospital chain (like CHS). They don’t have to worry about finances or short comings as they then just increase charges, inflate prices for drugs given upwards of 500% or more and use their market power to increase payments from insurers. You may think it doesn’t hit you because you have health insurance through a plan at work, but it actually is costing you a whole lot more then you think.

Next time you don’t get that raise you think you deserved think why – it is most likely the simple fact that your employer is facing increasing health care premiums and is forced to take money that could have gone to you to pay for it. Is that right? Should these massive hospital chains like Carolinas Healthcare Systems (which owns Carolinas Medical Center in downtown Charlotte and CMC University in North Charlotte) be allowed to operate in this manner? They basically write their own ticket, flout federal and state laws (EMTALA, HIPPA and numerous other laws) all in the name of good healthcare. But is their healthcare really as good as they claim?

From what we are hearing it’s not even close. From nurses whom are forced to work short staffed and do the work of 2 or 3 people to people with little or no money that the hospital sues into oblivion and places liens on their property. Yes, last year CHS initiated over 40,000 lawsuits. There is something seriously wrong with that. A charity suing 40,000 people. People that mostly cannot afford the ridiculous costs of healthcare due to a system that has become completely corrupt and needs fixing badly.

I called and did some research and could not find out how much money CHS “donates” or spends on lobbyists in Washington or on similarly minded organizations to further their cause and corruption. The healthcare system in our country is broken. We need to reign in healthcare and these corrupt hospitals, their boards and their executives. CHS alone has over 12 executives earning in excess of 1 million dollars per year. Being that most of them really don’t do much (the real workers their are the over worked and underpaid nurses) they clearly should not be making that kind of money.

What really needs to happen here is for the IRS to review their financials and revoke their non-profit status as they clearly are not putting their profits where they should be going – to the patients. It’s not even close. If you can’t abide by the rules and laws then get out of the business. Hospitals are not meant to be billion dollar profit generating enterprises. CEO’s of hospitals and their executive staff should not be getting perks of the most expensive golf clubs on Earth and more while they are daily finding ways to increase healthcare costs to their patients.

Basically, it’s a huge scam. That’s it. And the executives at the top are and have been muckraking the system for years. Now it is getting to the point where it will become the next big bubble to burst if we don’t stop it first. Healthcare costs have gotten so ridiculous and out of hand that they are the number 1 reason for bankruptcy in America. Ask Michael Tarwater – he will put on a good show like the CEO of McDonalds did after the documentary Super Size Me came out and brought out the truth of how bad McDonalds food is.

The difference is anyone can walk into a McDonalds anywhere in the country and get full customer access. At a hospital it is a very different story. Hospitals hide behind laws like HIPPA and similar claiming their security is for patients and workers safety. More times then not it is so they can hide what is really going on. They don’t want you to know about their resident that just did a 48 hour shift and is now going to operate on your son. Or the nurse that is so tired from doing the work of 3 nurses that she is about to have a nervous breakdown.

I recently had an experience at CMC, CMC-U and the Levine Children’s hospital that was probably the worst experience I have ever had at any hospital. So, you clearly aren’t getting better service for these spiraling prices. What you are getting is taken straight to the bank and ripped off massively. It is all about corruption and greed and nothing else at Carolinas Healthcare System. It is time for national healthcare here in America. It is also time for retribution. Just like with the banks, CEO’s and executives that are behind this corruption, like Michael Tarwater at CHS, should be forced to payback upwards of 90% of their pay from their entire time in their executive positions.

You should all get mad and get involved. If you want this corruption fixed you need to make your voices heard. Call your state representatives. Call your representatives in Washington. Ask them questions on how they stand on healthcare. Don’t stand by while healthcare special interests rape our fellow countrymen. There is so much wrong with Carolinas Healthcare System that this will take several posts and more. But rest assured, I will also be posting how to make any hospital cringe to its knees and destroy its profitability so you do get satisfaction. And right now I am requesting that anyone that has had a serious problem with any of Carolinas Healthcare Systems, their respective hospitals, medical care centers, doctors offices, etc. please contact me through the comments on this post or through the sites owners.

I am now digging into this huge healthcare scam and I will not stop until it is fixed permanently and that means even if it has to be broken apart under unfair trade practices or antitrust practices. Clearly these hospital chains like CHS are growing by leaps and bounds putting their profits into more expensive technologies that no patient asks for – Mr. Tarwater, when asked by a Charlotte Observor reporter about their spending habits responded by saying that patients ask for and demand the most expensive equipment. That is a flat out lie. Every time I have been down there no one ever does this.

Mr. Tarwater and the board at Carolinas Healthcare System are trying to grow as big as popular so they can use their power and influence to control state and federal representatives and more all in their own interests – clearly not in the interests of their patients. What needs to happen and I am going to say this again is that we NEED a national healthcare system. American citizens should not have to worry about getting sick and then receiving a bill (or many bills as happens now – that is a serious problem too that I am going to make sure gets fixed) that can total over $30,000 for a broken arm, $50,000 for appendicitis, or worse.

All it takes is one sickness or injury requiring treatment in a hospital and it can financially ruin most people or families. Even with health insurance you are not safe. When I was at CMC downtown I talked to a mother that had 2 kids with leukemia. She said that the hospital bills were so much that they maxed out her insurance maximum. In other words, she was covered by insurance and found that quickly she was no longer covered. She was being forced by the staff at Carolinas Medical Center to sell her home and everything she had to pay for the healthcare of her children. That is absolutely horrible.

No one should have to go through that. That lady already has enough on her plate. She has not 1 but 2 children dying of leukemia. She could lose them at any time. Then to top it off she has the hospital billing department after her for hundreds of thousands of dollars in grossly inflated bills. The Levines (founders of Family Dollar Stores) have donated millions to Carolinas Healthcare System and, in particular, to the Levine’s Childrens Center at CMC. If they only knew that their money was being misspent and misdirected and that tragedies and corruption like whats happening to that mother with the 2 kids with leukemia they would pull out and stop all funding to this hospital chain.

This is absurd and needs to change. So, if you have had a bad experience with any of the hospitals in the Carolinas Healthcare System, their subordinate parts (Charlotte Radiology, American Anesthesiology (also called Southeast Anesthesiology Consultants PLLC), etc…) or if you know anyone whom has (they sued over 40,000 people in the past 5 years alone so I know there are at least a few thousand of you out there with an axe to grind with CHS and Mr. Tarwater) please post it here on Report Your Complaint or report it to the sites owners. Together we will get this healthcare injustice and corruption fixed – I promise that!

Besides, you know what? I still, after 9 requests over a 3 month period, have not been given the medical records I have requested and am entitled to under federal law. Why? They are trying to cover something up – in my case a lot of wrong doings, unethical and even illegal behaviors. So, join me and help get this healthcare corruption and wanton greed fixed.

References and more on the healthcare fraud and wanton greed that goes on at the Carolinas Healthcare System:


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