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HB 84 NC medical marijuana and the corrupt NC house representatives.

If you are from North Carolina (or anywhwere in America thanks to the coverage by the Huffington Post) you then most likely have heard about how HB 84 – the house bill sponsoring medical marijuana for those in need in North Carolina was shot down as unfavorable. That’s right it was declared unfavorable even though tons of supporters and NC residents showed up and only one person was against it.

The leaders of the house quickly and quietly voted to remove the HB 84 from their list of bills this spring and summer with an unfavorable ruling. These people clearly do not care what their people want and are not voting in agreement with their people. They are instead voting for their donors (big pharma). This is sick and corruption. Big pharma wants everyone hooked on their pain pills oxycontin (Oxycodone) which is now the deadliest drug in America.

NC medical marijuana

There are more people (including kids) addicted to this prescribed drug then all other drugs combined. More people are having their lives ruined and are dying from this oxycontin then any other drug out there. Yet, according to the DEA, its okay because big pharma says so. Its all about money. Big pharma makes billions off oxycontin. They don’t want to lose all that because North Carolinians can grow a plant (cannabis) in their backyard that is healthier for them and non-addictive (marijuana medical news). They would lose all or most of their billions in profits.

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So, big pharma and the police unions (they would also lose big as less police would be needed as 80% or more of all arrests throughout the USA are for simple possession of marijuana – which is ridiculous and a huge waste in my opinion) are leading the fight against legalization for medicinal purposes with false information and huge bribes and campaign donations. You can see across the nation that the American people are starting to see through the lies from our government and the DEA and are voting for medical marijuana and, in the cases of Washington and Colorado, voting for complete legalization.

The people are speaking and you (our state and federal politicians) need to start listening to us and not the corrupt big pharma and other similar organizations (like the police unions that know legalization means a reduction in workforce for police of 50% or more). We are not going away and grow stronger and stronger every day. Soon the number of states to approve medical marijuana will be over 26 and the number of states supporting full legalization will climb. Then the federal government will have to get involved and remove marijuana from the illegal drugs list and make it 100% legal. At that time it won’t matter anymore what state governments say as it will be federal law that marijuana is legal (in case you didn’t know, federal law trumps state law every time).

Please read more about this recent bout of corruption from the politicians in Raleigh here:

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If you live in North Carolina (or elsewhere and would like to help the cause) please visit the NCCPN and become an active member. Let the North Carolina legislators know that this corruption will not go unanswered and that we will only grow stronger. We will have medical marijuana in North Carolina and there is nothing our corrupt representatives Paul Stamm, Jim Moore and Justin Burr (there are others but these are the main scumbags) can do about it – we will grow stronger and prevail! Join the NCCPN today and help the cause! Lets get the truth out – medical marijuana helps in cases of pain management and cancer (cannabinoids). It is non-harmful like oxycontin and doesn’t ruin lives or families like oxycontin. Help spread the truth:

Join the NCCPN

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3 thoughts on “HB 84 NC medical marijuana and the corrupt NC house representatives.

  1. Thank you for the excellent analysis of this corrupt politician. The gall to say people urging the committee to move this legislation to the Health Committee so recent PDQ information outlines it’s use now as a TREATMENT FOR CANCER, Not just symptom management. This is HARASSING HIM AND OTHER LAWMAKERS WHO RULED ON THIS! What bullsh…

    Unbelievable! To make a statement like his in private is dangerous! To make it in public is stupid and he dishonors the others of his party by doing so. Apparently, he thinks he is all-powerful!

    FYI, On the nccpn website, if you go to the videos, you will find a WWII vet (80 then and now deceased) with tremors that were controlled with Cannabis. We nccpn asked Stam to meet with him about three years ago since he lived in Stam’s District (Apex). Stam “refused” to meet with him and we were told later “would not meet with any drug addicts”.

    At the hearing last week, Although no mic was offered to three others with 2 minute comments therefore they were not reported. Several cameras were trained on the speakers and perhaps if enough people ask, they may play some of the footage of the hearing.

    Probably the most compelling was that of Dr. Peter Pandorf, D.M.D. (MD from Tuff’s University) who relayed that he was dying from the narcotics and their deadly actions since back surgery six years ago. “They are destroying my body daily (Oxycontin and myriad others), while the ethics of his MD prevent him from illegally using Cannabis. He practically begged them to make an alternative available to him. What’s more, he reported that they no longer provided the relief from his pain.

    That and the fact that he has in fact; given the veterans, in effect, the finger. That’s right, I don’t know any other way to express my views on how disastrous this act was to their well being. His ARROGANCE IS beyond understanding.

    May God have Mercy on his soul.

  2. Us at , and I need your help with getting, President Obama to get Medical Cannabis in all 50 States to help this nation out and ship to others that want it ie maybe Israel that has legal Cannabis, introducing the House Bill 84 for Medical Cannabis, to Washington D.C. for the US States, and for North Carolina!!
    It does not have to be combustibly smoked it can be vaporized, eaten, drank, lotions, etc.

    I am a paraplegic T-9-11 in a wheelchair since 1984 and have many problems, and have 2 types of arthritis, muscle spasms, pain, nausea, no appetite, bad sleep and am tired of pills that do little or too much and kill livers, kidneys, stomachs and want and deserve the compassion to get Medical Cannabis in this state, and the others with out it, it would help us needing medicine that are tired of the Pill gambit and the people who can and or will grow and sell it being as Medical Cannabis products or Hemp .I take: 2-4 Norco for pain, 3 Valium for spasms, 4 Baclofen for spasms, 2 Gabapentin for numbness in arms and shoulders and sleep, 2-4 Promethazine for nausea, and over the counter heartburn med. for my stomach from all the pills I have had to take and have messed my stomach up the yrs.
    This could almost all be done away with if there were Medical Cannabis in the State of North Carolina to substitute for some of the pills!
    Industrial Hemp would help with all kinds of Bio-Green materials, from fuels to clothing.
    Please read up on the Subject and Help us out.
    The sick don’t have much time and the pills just make things worse a lot of time!
    This Bill 84 would be putting Tax money into a state and country that needs new revenue Bad and this would be a good addition to other industries that these two commodities can create!!, and it would stop putting people who just want some relief out of harms way and easy the jails and prisons with people filled for petty marijuana/Cannabis crimes.

    We want to help this state and country and the people in it, and need your help getting President Obama to help the states without it get it legal, and this HB 84 introduced Please look at the 21st century side and not the past.

    Let use come out of the 19th century and get into the 21st, there are many uses for this plant it does not Kill, Pills do!, just a few pills can kill, a bag full of weed Can’t!! Cannabis is not evil Pills are the scourge not Cannabis.There are strains of Cannabis with little to no THC, which creates the High effect, CDB’sare more prevalent and are better to help the immune system with pain, spasms, insomnia, nausea and it does not create the High effect that THC does.

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