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Hendrick Honda of Charlotte NC is dishonest!

I have to tell you about this horrible car buying experience I have had at Hendrick Honda here in Charlotte off South Blvd. Their used car sales staff are crooks – and slime. You have to hear this – I was looking at a truck that was listed online for the price of $5995.00 and called to inquire about it and they said it was not at their location but to come in and they would see what they could do.

So, I went there and all they did was lie and makeup stories about why I couldn’t have the truck I wanted and they instead tried to sell me a different, more expensive truck that I had no interest in. After the back and forth of “let me talk to my manager” we found out that the truck could be made available to me. Only about 20 mins had passed and I had my girlfriend look at the truck online while I waited for the salesperson Ned Hindi to talk to his manager Scott Byrley about the price and much to my surprise they changed the price online to 7995.00!!

Hendrick Honda is dishonest
I had the worst car buying experience of my life at Hendrick Honda on South Blvd. here in Charlotte NC. These guys are liars, thieves and it was just ridiculous in every way!

Then Ned came and got me and low and behold he tried to close the deal at – here comes the kicker – $7995 minutes later. When I called them out on this shady behavior they quickly made up stories and lies and tried to backtrack on their shady move! Unreal! They had the truck advertised for $5995. Then they lied to me and said it wasn’t available. They tried to bump me up to a more expensive truck that I wasn’t interested in. Then the truck all of a sudden miraculously became available but at a price $2,000 higher.

We got disgusted with their lies and bullshit stories (I mean we heard it all from a salesperson was driving the car to a meeting to John Hendrick (the owner whom died several years ago in a plane crash – it was in the news!) had it and was using it for landscaping around his home – that one was just so ridiculous that we just stormed out. I couldn’t believe the fact that this used car manager, Scott Bryley – I still have his card – would say so many lies to include a dead person like that.

Since I left the dealership and this salesperson Ned have called me several times and left messages on my answering machine. I have yet to hear back from the used car sales manager but Ned keeps telling me they will take care of me and that they are the most honest car dealership in Charlotte – I hardly agree. Maybe they should have been politicians instead (they could have done a much better job at lying then President Obama and his fake birth certificate).

I will be filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau about this company and their lies and dishonest and ridiculous staff (especially with the lies from the manager Scott Bryley about John Hendrick – I am sure he must be rolling in his grave over that one – besides, I am sure he had so much money when he was alive that he never did his own landscaping):

Hendrick Honda
8901 South Boulevard
Charlotte, North Carolina 28273
(877) 243-2895

I told Ned to have the B.S. manager Scott call me so I can here some more of his pathetic lies – I want to record them so I can publish them on YouTube and elsewhere so the whole world knows this guy is a crook, thief and a virtual scumbag. I also told Ned to have their GM call me. I did a little research and found that the car store is run by this general manager guy named Matthew Ricks and another guy named Gus Forbes (the general sales manager). I’m not sure if the general manager is the head boss their or the general sales manager guy, but they should know about these lying sacks of shit that work at Hendrick Honda.

Or maybe they are in on it? If they are then all I can say and do is warn everyone off this horrible car dealership. They are shady to say the least. I heard so many lies when I was there that it was absolutely ridiculous. It was like something you would imagine on a Saturday Night Live skit. It was literally insane. They tried to tell me they were my friend and that they were taking care of me and giving me a great deal – that was the biggest line of horseshit I have ever heard.

To this day I have not heard back from that slimeball Scott Bryley or the head managers there Matthew Ricks or Gus Forbes. That tells me something – the place is a ripoff and full of thieves and liars. Stay away from Hendrick Honda on South Blvd. They will lie to you and rip you off – you can pretty much guarantee it. Oh, and by the way, the blue book value of the truck I was interested in is only $4500 and that was the top dollar value, not wholesale or similar. They truly are full of shit down there at Hendrick Honda!


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