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Hibachi Buffet sushi and Grill restaurant review – great low cost buffet with hibachi and sushi!

Hibachi Buffet sushi and Grill restaurant review
Just look at all that great sushi - and its all free once you pay for the buffet!

If you are hungry and want something different and really good for lunch then you need to try the Hibachi Buffet Sushi & Grill down on Independence Blvd. on the way towards Matthews, NC. This buffet is loaded and it even has a hibachi counter – you can order what you want and they will get it ready for you.

The sushi area is cool too. You can really eat a lot of great sushi here for a basement price. Normally a California roll (8 pieces) will cost you around $4 at most sushi bars and restaurants here in Charlotte, NC. But at the Hibachi Buffet it is all included in the $6.85 cent lunch price or $9.25 dinner price. And you can eat all the california rolls you want.

Hibachi Buffet Sushi & Grill
9925 E Independence Blvd
Matthews, NC 28105
(704) 841-0888

Their is a wide range or assortment of sushi and there is always a lot to choose from. The pieces sometimes are smaller then the ones you would get at a regular sushi restaurant, but you just pick 2 or 3 of them instead of 1. I like the salmon and tuna pieces. I also like the way they tie a little piece of seaweed across some of the sushi pieces – it looks nice and appetizing.

The buffet is loaded with great stuff. The salmon is amazing and always cooked right. I always load up on that. You would be hard pressed to find a better buffet at a better price or at any price. Much better then Golden Coral and less crowded. And I absolutely love the selection – you can’t possibly go home hungry here.

And then there’s the hibachi and more. Great place to take the kids and whole family. They have great discounts for kids 10 and under (under 3 eats free)! The soups are awesome and my kids are always going up to order more from the Hibachi chef. The only thing I would change with the Hibachi Grill is move it closer (it’s a half an hour trip for us as we live up by UNCC in nearby Harrisburg).

If you haven’t tried the Hibachi Grill you need to – it is a great place to bring the whole family and there is lots of great food and more.

One thought on “Hibachi Buffet sushi and Grill restaurant review – great low cost buffet with hibachi and sushi!

  1. Their sushi sucks -its terrible. The chicken hibachi and the buffet are okay. That’s about it. Lots of kids and morons everywhere. The waitresses are very quiet and a little rude. Too far to go for an average buffet. And, again, the sushi sucks. You can get better sushi at Trader Joe’s or any grocery store – its that bad…

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