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Hillary Clinton’s plan to take the presidency permanently! It’s been her plan all along!

Hillary Clinton's plan to take the presidency permanently
Just watch and see for yourself - it's destiny. It's already hard coded into the bible (Bible codes). Hillary Clinton must be president for the rest of the end of the world to happen and it IS going to happen - just sit back and watch!

We all know Barack Obama sucks as a president. He can’t do shit and then tries to tell everyone it was problems that were handed down to him – of course it is stupid. You are in the President’s office? Who else are they going to hand these problems down to? Besides, you can’t even be truthful about a lot of things (uhm, fake birth certificate, real place of birth – Kenya, Muslim faith, etc…)

Anyway, we all know Obama is a sack of shit. So, for him to have a hope in hell of winning the reelection he needs to dump Biden and take on Hillary. Joe Biden knows this. Hillary knows this and so does Obama. How will they do it – An announcement (another lie) will be made that Joe Biden’s health is poor (bad heart or something like that). So he will be “forced” to step down.

With Joe Biden gone Obama can then add Hillary Clinton as his Vice Presidential candidate on his ticket. With Hillary Clinton, even with President Obama’s shitty record (and boy is it shitty) he will most likely win in a landslide. Cain, Romney and the others couldn’t put up enough of a battle to overcome that pairing. This pairing is also mentioned numerous times in the now famous Bible code – coincidence?

Next, after winning the election, Hillary, knowing the rules of terms and succession in the presidents office will seek the position of president. Now, this is where it gets a little murky. In the Bible code it has two instances that pop out here. The first Hillary becomes president after Obama is assassinated. What is interesting in this scenario is that Mohanmmed Abbas also is assassinated around this time.

This answers the Nostradamus prophecy of Mabus dying (obaMA and abBus). There is also one other similar scenario encoded in the Bible codes. In the second scenario Obama is forced out due to papers. It can be assumed these papers are either his true birth certificate proving his birth place in Kenya are brought forth (not likely as they have done a pretty good job of covering that one up) or most likely that the Fast and Furious scandal or some similar scandal gets him to resign or impeached.

What is interesting is that both scenarios and the only two scenarios that can be seen have Hillary Clinton as becoming president. Soon after Marshall law is declared and Hillary sets the stage for World War 3 and the coming of the antichrist. It specifically states that Hillary Clinton will welcome the antichrist in the Bible code. So this has to come to pass. There unfortunately is no alternative.

In declaring Marshall law there is a 9/11 similar event that takes place and then immediately after Hillary declares Marshall Law. All guns are confiscated and dissenters are placed in military trucks and taken to Fema concentration and extermination camps. You heard that right – even the Bible codes have Fema, extermination, camps, mass casualties, innocent deaths, children, women all encoded together along with gas, virus, many will die.

Get ready for Armageddon is close. The end is near. The financial collapse will happen in 2013-2014. And it all goes down hill after that – fast… Get your guns, get your ammunition, stock pile foods and supplies while you can. Watch out for FEMA, Hillary Clinton, the Department of Homeland Security and above all the loss of American’s rights under the Constitution and the Bill of Rights!

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