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Holmes Small Ceramic Space Heater Complaint – It makes the room stink!

This Holmes Ceramic Heater filled my room with with a horrible smell.

With the colder months approaching, my roommates and I had to make a decision as to whether to get our heat turned on, or find an alternative way to heat the house. Heating your house with gas can be expensive so we decided to try using space heaters to heat the house.

Each of us were in charge of buying a space heater to keep our own rooms warm. I decided to go to Target to see if there were any deals on heaters there. I wasn’t looking for anything extravagant so I was checking out the prices on the cheaper models. They had two that were in my price range, one with a thermostat that was originally priced at $30, but was on sale for $19.99. The other model I was considering had no thermostat, and was priced at $16.99.

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I figured for only 3 dollars more I could get the one with the thermostat. So I decided to pull the trigger and get the “Holmes Small Ceramic Space Heater – Black” model. I felt like I was getting a good deal on a quality heater that was normally priced at $30.

With the house pretty cold I was eager to set mine up in my room to start warming things up. I pulled it out of the box and made sure I read the instructions because I knew space heaters can be a fire hazard. I followed the instructions carefully and turned it on.

After I set up it up and had it running for a few minutes I noticed a particularly unpleasant odor filling my room. I quickly realized it was the heater I just bought. The smell was so unpleasant I had to turn it off.

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I thought maybe it smelled just because it was new, and right out of the box. So I continued to run the heater for about 2 weeks and the smell just didn’t seem to get any better. Actually, I feel like the smell got worse as time wore on. It got to the point where I could not even use the heater, the smell was so bad.

I decided I had enough and returned the heater. I exchanged it for the $16.99 model and have had a much more pleasant experience. Though it doesn’t have an adjustable thermostat, I can now use my heater without a foul smell filling the room. I definitely do not recommend that heater to anyone. The terrible smell is so overpowering that it becomes impossible to use.

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