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Hooters Concord NC Complaint – I had a terrible experience at Hooters in Concord NC

The Hooters in Concord NC is terrible

We showed up around 8 o’clock. We were surprised to see that there were not many cars in the parking lot. Considering there was a college basketball game on tonight. When we got out of the car we were abruptly and rudely greeted by one of the hooters girls smoking on her break. She said, “You can stop fucking staring, I’m off the clock.”

We were caught off guard by this because we didn’t think we were staring at her. We were minding our own business walking inside. We made our way inside and sat down at one of the many open tables.

We sat there for well over 10 minutes before anyone approached us to take our drink orders. I know hooteres isn’t know for fanstastic services, but I think it’s a bit absurd.

We asked for there are any drink specials and they only had $3.50 miller lite bottles. For a place geared toward men I would think the establishment would carry a larger selection or more beer specials.

While we waited for our drink orders we found ourselves taking in the atmosphere. We were sadly disappointed by the appearance of the staff. All the servers we noticed were older, flat chested, unattractive.. I would think the name would be self explanatory.

Maybe managemnt should take a look at their staff or consider re-naming the restaurant Baby Dolls (a lower class/quality strip club down the street). Maybe they could get a joint partnership.

We ordered wings and they were good as usual compared to other experenices that I’ve had a hooters. We had a good time; I just wish the atmosphere was easier on the eyes. Maybe next time we’ll try a different Hooters in the Charlotte area or go to Bikinis resturant.

3 thoughts on “Hooters Concord NC Complaint – I had a terrible experience at Hooters in Concord NC

  1. Well I am pretty damn sure you went to the wrong hooters, it wasnt hooters of concord nc because the girls there are the hottest i have seen, i travel to many places and have been to numerous hooters and this is the BEST!! Wonderful girls, food, service is amazing. Everytime i am in town i go there and bring clients because we enjoy it. I am sure you are just mad because you are a lame ass and was staring at the girl outside and prob made a rude comment and she wouldnt deal with it like the girls at baby dolls would since you are all to familar with that skank hole

    1. I second what Jason said, I’ve been to the Hooters in Concord and it is the most “talented” there is in the country. And the service is always awesome! We’re going back this week!

  2. Just wanted to tell you guys ; it’s not about the size of their boobs , or if they are “attractive”
    It’s about their personality ; most of them just get boob jobs because it goes along with the name ; just saying .

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