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I happened upon this website the other day and found it was loaded with some really great cooking recipes.  The instructions are very easy to follow and there are a bunch of great big pictures in each recipe describing the food and the processes involved in creating these really great dishes.  The website was called Hot Cooking Recipes.

I especially loved the recipe entitled Pop-pop’s awesome Scottish scones.  I have made these several times since for my wife and her friends for Sunday brunch and everyone keeps asking about them and how to make them.  These scones are just awesome and they are great with coffee in the morning.  I try and make a bigger batch so that I have them for several days afterwards.

Then there’s the homemade lasagna recipe and the homemade sauces (Mom’s homemade sauce recipe).  The recipes on HotCookingRecipes tend to be overwhelmingly Italian but there are some Scottish and other nationality foods featured too.  I have yet to find a recipe on there that is anything less then amazing. These are recipes you can use for a simple meal, but also to impress guests with.

If you want to impress your neighbors, friends or relatives this website,, is loaded with fantastic recipes that are sure to please.  Try the best baked beans recipe.  I cooked this for our friends for the Superbowl a few weekends ago and everyone loved them – it was a massive hit with everyone in attendance.

If you are looking for a way to eat healthier and make your kids eat broccoli then you need to check out the tasty broccoli salad recipe – I didn’t think there was a way to make broccoli taste good other than to cover it in melted cheese.  Just try this recipe it is delicious.  Then there’s my favorite of all the recipes on the website – the best sweet potato casserole recipe – you have to try this one!  It is one of the best tasting dishes I have ever had, let alone cooked it myself!

After having cooked many of these recipes my family and friends thought I was a gourmet chef with great culinary skills – this is actually far from the truth as the only thing prior to using this website that I knew how to cook was barbecue and pizza (open a box of frozen pizza and heat it up).  I definitely don’t have the skills of a chef at all.

This website,, is now one of my favorite cooking resources and I have passed it on to all of my coworkers at IBM and Wachovia here in Charlotte, NC (I work off Harris Blvd.) and they all love it too.  The recipes are just some of the best food you will ever have!  You have to give it a try!

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  1. Great tip – I just looked at that site and you are right. Those look like some amazing recipes. I will definitely have to give some of them a try.

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