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How to create and find alerts for other users in SharePoint

To create an alert in Microsoft SharePoint (version 2010 – the process is the same and unchanged for 2013) go to the list and under List (not item), click on Alert Me:


There are 2 choices (Set an alert or manage my alerts).


Clicking set an alert takes you right into the build an alert page:


Whereas clicking on manage my alerts will bring up all your own individual alerts. Be aware that this will not show alerts made under different usernames (SP_Admin, system, etc..):

To add an alert just go through the list and select the title (pick something that will remind you a year or more down the road of what it is so it doesn’t get accidentally deleted or so you can quickly find it if it needs to be updated), users that will be getting the alerts, the delivery method – email, changes types and when (easiest is to select all changes and when anything changes). Then select if after every occurrence or in a daily or weekly summary. Then enter the alert.

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Finding the alerts of other users:

To find the alerts of other users you have to understand that the above methods are only for your own alerts. They will not show you the alerts of other users.

To find the alerts of other users, click on site actions> Site Settings>User Alerts (under Site Administration). Change (None) to the name of the user you would like to see the alerts under. If their name doesn’t exist then they don’t have any alerts set on that specific list.


Then click update to see the alerts for that specific user and you will see all of the alerts that user has set:


Here you can only delete the alert. Only the user that entered the alert can edit the alert.

* It is important to remember that if you add more than one person to an alert that you are actually creating multiple alerts – one under each person added. So, if you want to remove an alert you will have to remove it also under each person that was originally added or included under the alert.

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