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How to download movies free in college and not get caught!

How to download movies free in college and not get caught
I download tons of movies and don't have to pay a penny and the best thing is I can't possibly get caught - and now you can do this too! Just read what I wrote below!

If you are a student like me (I’m a senior at Syracuse University) then I know you like to watch all kinds of movies. I, in particular, like horror and science fiction movies (my girlfriend liked Avatar and I like Star Trek, Star Wars and anything with Zombies and sexy female vampires – I think female vampires are just smoking hot).

And one thing I like most is watching my movies for free! I mean think about it – the internet is and has always been free, right? Remember BBS’s and BearShare? Well, torrents are where its at right now and you need a bittorent client to download movies from websites like the Pirate Bay, BTJunkie, Kickass torrents and others – but hold on! There’s something you NEED to know first!

You need to know that using a generic bittorrent client will publicly expose your ip address and your uploading and downloading habits. This means you will very likely end up on the receiving end of a nasty subpoena or lawsuit letter demanding a large settlement of several thousand dollars from one of the online sleezebag lawfirms like Dunlap, Grubb and Weaver. These extortionary lawyers will try and get you for any movie or music downloads they can.

So, you need to get around these guys and publicly displaying your ip address. How do you do this and how do you download movies safely? Well, you first need a good, solid VPN. This will block anyone from seeing what you are exactly doing online.

Learn how to download torrents safely and anonymously!

Most VPns nowadays utilize multiple points like Amsterdam and Sweden where you will be tunneling from. Basically, what the VPN does is it encrypts all transmissions between your computer and the VPN’s end computer. This end computer (in Amsterdam or Sweden as is the case with Torrent Privacy) will then become your new ip address. So you cannot be traced to your own computer.

As a further protection these VPN services also bundle an anonymous bittorrent client with their VPN. This is important as it even hides the VPN end point. So instead of having an IP address out of even Amsterdam or Sweden, now you just don’t even have one. It is like you just don’t exist. This way no one knows anything about you or what you are doing. Not even the nosy government can see what you are doing and I REALLY like that.

So, if I open the tracking folder in the my VPN folder I don’t exist at all for anyone to know anything about me. I am completely cloaked or invisible and there is absolutely no way for me to get caught. This service is not free, but it costs like $10 a month and I can download anything and everything I want whenever I want. No one can ever catch me!

I just downloaded one of my favorite movies the Book of Eli and watched it again – I previously had downloaded it, but I loaned it out to this girl I was screwing on the side in my psychology class, but we parted ways as she got possessive and weird and I didn’t care to bother her to get my copy back – it wasn’t worth the drama. Besides she really wasn’t that good in the sack anyways. As a personal note, stay away from hot redheads in psych classes. They are full of drama and really aren’t all that.

Download torrents safely and anonymously with the best VPN!

Anyways, you now know how I download with complete impunity. There’s nothing anyone can do to stop me from downloading all the movies or whatever else I want online through my college. This is because I have a great VPN service.

So, now you know what I know. So go ahead and take back the internet. Get a VPN and get anything you want free and without any worries of ever getting caught!

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